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  1. Guys, when I try to set up the RAWSQL monitor, it is not accepting the '6' in the last section of script as it is thinking it is a column and not a value. Anyone have this RAWSQL monitor working or have a working SQL query that works in SQLYog to throw my way? This is the SQL Query that when runs produces 'Unknown column '6' in 'where clause'. SELECT TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,c.LastContact, IFNULL(LastHeartbeatTime, "0000-00-00 00:00:00")) AS TestValue, c.name AS IdentityField, c.ComputerID AS ComputerID, c.LastContact, h.LastHeartbeatTime, acd.NoAlerts, acd.UpTimeStart, acd.UpTimeEnd FROM Computers AS c LEFT JOIN HeartBeatComputers AS h ON h.ComputerID = c.ComputerID LEFT JOIN AgentComputerData AS acd ON c.ComputerID = acd.ComputerID LEFT JOIN Clients ON Clients.ClientID = c.clientid WHERE (c.LastContact > NOW() - INTERVAL 30 MINUTE OR h.LastHeartbeatTime > NOW() - INTERVAL 30 MINUTE) AND (TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,c.LastContact, IFNULL(LastHeartbeatTime, "0000-00-00 00:00:00")) < -6 OR TIMESTAMPDIFF(MINUTE,c.LastContact, IFNULL(LastHeartbeatTime, "0000-00-00 00:00:00")) > 6)
  2. I am trying to figure out how to use the %computername% variable to pass in a SQL query for a plugin table that doesn't have computerid but rather 'Name' which matches what the computername.name column would have but can't get it to work. Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this?
  3. BGags, are you having issues with 2012 (non-R2) servers? I have one that simply won't resend hotfixes from LT. It indicates executing and the windowsupdatelog indicates it is checking for hotfixes but the file never updates beyond that and the command eventually fails after hours. If I check locally it takes 15-20 minutes for it to return with how many are needed and they will apply fine if I apply them but it is just unsettling that nothing is working to resolve the issue. DISM, windows update troubleshooter, nothing...
  4. jhand

    Server 2012 Patching

    I too have a 2012 non R2 server that I can't get LT Patching to resend hotfixes successfully. I am currently just having to patch it manually. Checking for patches manually still takes about 15-20 minutes but at least it finishes. Very frustrating. Have tried DISM restorehealth, windowsupdate repair tool from microsoft and both say they fixed it but still no joy.
  5. jhand

    LT v11 Patch Cache Issue

    I can confirm the post from pszatkowski. We had no issues with this until I upgraded from 10.5 Patch 8 to 10.5 Patch 9 and suddenly people no longer have an X: drive. I have manually moved it to O: for the client impacted using the pipe method so we will see if that truly takes care of it but this is a definite problem.
  6. jhand

    Labtech Patching - HRESULT: 0x8024001E

    In my experience, you must first have the April 2016 servicing stack installed (KB3020369) then apply the WUA update from June (KB3161608) and then things start to work properly. We have a few Win7 computers that even with these still have issues but I believe that most of these issues are from spotty internet so that the updates can't download properly.
  7. jhand

    Labtech Patching - HRESULT: 0x8024001E

    What is the version number of the WUA. Lets make sure it is the most current that fixes the issue. Also have you checked to make sure that the pre-requisite servicing stack update was done on these computers? It is KB3020369 and it must be on installed on the computer for WUA to function properly. Also, if that KB is installed and you are showing a WUA version of 7.6.7601.23453 then you may need to do the usual 'reset windows update defaults' command in LT.
  8. Actually, I found the best way to apply the July patch is to extract the .cab and install it using pkgmgr. It is working great and for once I am able to get most of the Win7 workstations to start patching again. After the install of the .cab a reboot is required. I still find that some won't patch after the .cab is installed but just stopping the windows update services and deleting the softwaredistribution folder and trying again to patch all approved missing patches gets it rolling again.
  9. I'm going to play with this after I upgrade to 10.5 next week. Thanks for the hard work.
  10. jhand

    Quicktime UNINSTALLER

    Here's one that grabs the uninstall string and if it contains /I after the MSIEXEC it replaces it with /X then adds the /qn at the end. I found in all of our clients with it that they were like this and when I pulled the Uninstall string from the Software table it contained the /I and did not have the /qn so this fixes it and pulls the actual GUID from the table so it should work on any quicktime version. I just created a search that looked for "%Quicktime%" and not "%Alternative%" in the software.name field because some had something called "Quicktime Alternative" and I didn't want to uninstall that. Uninstall Apple Quicktime Player-NoEmail.zip
  11. I couldn't find a set of scripts to handle deploying the basic applications like Java, Flash and Acrobat reader and keep them updated the way I wanted so I made a few to handle it. Thanks to Brandon Carl for the inspiration to do this from his Ninite onboarding solution and I look forward to seeing what he does the v2 of that solution in the future. All of these scripts depend on creating a folder named C:\RITTools which is what I use for most of the tools we push to client computers so you will need to decide where you want that to go or straight to the LTSVC location if you want. Second, of course you will need to have the Ninite pro executable copied to your Labtech server and can set the location where you put it on the line where it copies it to the client computer. The following are scripts to: 1. Push and Run a NinitePro Audit (This script will check and see if Ninite is copied to local computer then runs the silent audit and saves to a text file which is then locced to the script log) This is useful for seeing what a computer has installed and whether the detected software is at the current version or updateable. 2. Push and Run NinitePro Basics Only (This script checks if Ninite is copied to local computer then runs the silent install of of Java, Acrobat Reader, NPAPI Flash and the Activex Flash. It dumps the output to a text file for review if needed.) 3. Push and Run NinitePro Repair Only (This script checks if Ninite is copied to local computer then runs the silent re-install of all supported applications on the target computer.) This is sometimes needed when the app won't update properly. Repairing or Reinstalling also makes sure that all of the nag notifications for updates are turned off so the client won't see them any longer. 4. Push and Run NinitePro Update Only (This script checks if Ninite is copied to local computer then runs the silent update of all detected software on the client computer and outputs to a text file and then logs the result to the script log.) 5. Push and Run NinitePro Update Only Server (This script checks if Ninite is copied to local computer then runs the silent update of all detected software on the client computer and outputs to a text file and then logs the result to the script log but also uses Tslogoff.exe and tsmsg.exe to alert logged in users that maintenance will be performed in 10 minutes so they will need to log off then in 10 minutes logs them off. It then changes the user mode to /install does the update of the detected applications and once completed changes back to /execute mode) I hope this helps someone in the community. I have certainly learned a lot from you guys so I am happy to give back. Let me know if you have any questions. -Jason NiniteProScripts.zip
  12. Cubert, Is this configured on a per client basis? In other words, can you enable just for one or two clients?
  13. jhand

    LabTech v10

    The release schedule is on the LabTech Partner Portal - https://support.labtechsoftware.com/labtech-10-release-schedule#/ More like a list and not a schedule. No idea when the P-S company names will be. Assume that since they have been rolling out since March and only on the third grouping it will be sometime May-June before they reach our group. Thanks though. Was hoping for a more definitive schedule with rough timeline.
  14. jhand

    LabTech v10

    Does anyone know when all companies will have access to v10? We still have not received the update and could really benefit from it since we have so many apple clients.
  15. Not sure on all of the questions but in my research on the topic here is my current understanding: InstallDate is when it is scheduled for installation. QueuedDate is when it should be installed during the patch schedule. FinishedDate is when the patch was actually installed.