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  1. hallister2

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    Could try reinstalling the ControlCenter. I have found instances where the application doesn't update automatically causing odd issues like this.
  2. I don't have any real insight into the monitor or why it is not working for you. I believe the %sqlcomputerid% is what may be holding you back. The computerid in that instance indicates it is being set from a SQL Dataset function. Do you have one of those? Another avenue you could go is a script that runs on a weekly basis to run this check. I found this script awhile ago and have modified it a bit to suite our needs. Basically I have a script that runs every Friday against our Automate server that calls a number of maintenance scripts that we need to run. Running this against the Automate server will guarantee that it will run and wont be stopped by an offline machine and it makes it easy to reference for maintenance tasks. The attached script is a scrubbed version of the one we use. The nice thing about it is you will get a nice report emailed of all machines that get dropped so you can find and log anything that may have gotten dropped that should not have. Agent Removal over 60 days.xml
  3. hallister2

    Running a script against multiple clients at once

    You can use a group and schedule the script on the group. you can then use a search to automatically add servers that meet a criteria to the group or do it manually.
  4. hallister2

    Retired Assets Script & Monitor

    You dont seem to have an Alert Template applied to the monitor. Run your script through an Alert Template is the correct way to do this (as far as I am aware). We run this same type of process and that is the only difference between yours and mine.
  5. hallister2

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    As an update, our issue has been quiet for some weeks now. The support rep set that setting for us and has appeared to resolve our issue. Support: The property GroupPatching30Minutes was set to False, and the data collection monitors were turned off for the most recent changes. GroupPatching30Minutes property, When set to True, group settings for patching are applied every 30 minutes. Set to False to change from every 30 minutes to once a day. In larger systems if left default this results in show variables flooding, which is more of a symptom of the issue that was going on in the background.
  6. We have our monitors send emails to a cellphone's email to do our SMS alerting. It is not the nicest looking text but it gets the job done. If you are running a script to do your alerting that is kicked off by a monitor you can modify the Master IF statement. By default it is IF True but if you change it to IF Variable Check @status@ = FAILED the monitor will will run the script with FAILED or SUCCESS. If FAILED use the Then section. If not FAILED use the Else section.
  7. hallister2

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    @drinkxon I am glad to hear someone else having this issue and not supports "We have others with this issue" that try to make you feel better. All I can say is stay on top of them on this issue. We have been dealing with this close to a year off and on with no full resolution or explanation as to why the issue occurs. Also make sure it doesn't stay with teir 1 or 2 support. We finally got ours up to the teir 3/developers to look into, I thought we had been there but it wasn't the case. Having one guy own this issue has helped keep the communication flowing better. If I hear anything I will pass it your way and if you need any further info on our issue and what we have tried we can definitely connect.
  8. hallister2

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    Currently it is still an issue. Support is actively working on it but at this moment we have not had the issue reoccur for at least a week. Support has stated this is not an isolated problem and has been seen at one or two other partners. I am hoping they find some resolution soon.
  9. hallister2

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    @Jacobsa Thanks for your response. All the settings you mentioned are currently set close to what you have except for my max_connections. it was set to over 16000. I have adjusted it fortesting to just over our agent count to see what happens. We have just over 5500 agents in our system. We have given plenty of resources to our vms in the environment running LabTech. Our database server has 16 virtual processors and 100GB of RAM, the database is not on SSDs but disk performance does not seem to be a huge issue. Our frontend server has 14 virtual processors and 85GB of RAM. As for table sizes we have some big tables but nothing exceeding 8GB.
  10. hallister2

    Automate Locking Up Issues

    Good evening all! I wanted to run this by you all and see if anyone else is or has had the same problem. We are intermitently for the past few months been having issues with Automate freezing during the day, stop accepting logins, and IIS and the database services need to be restarted. This happens, on a good day, once and on a bad day almost all day. It is getting to the point the software is not reliable. I have been working tirelessly with support on this issue for the past few months and it is finally in the Tier 3 support line. They are thinking it is a plugin. When we turn off all plugins the software is fine but, for all that we do with it, unusable. We enabled the Manage plugin and the issue came back immediately. We disabled Manage and only enabled Control but still had the same issue. It almost seems that Automate is not playing nicely for any plugins. The issue when it presents itself is in the form of 2,000 + ASP requests in the IIS queue and on the MySQL server using SHOW PROCESS yields a large number of SHOW VARIABLES in the proccess list. Support is taking their time on the issue so I am hoping to get some relief here. Please let me know if you all think of anything or have any further questions.
  11. hallister2

    Automate Freezing and Slow - Suggestions?

    So our major issue has been resolved with Automate 12 Patch 3. Given our large number of agents we were finding a large number of hung MYSQL calls and IIS ASP calls due to the patching stats being gathered from all machines. Automate 12 Patch 3 has helped tremendously. There are some odd freezing issues that appear to be due to the GUI so hopefully that will be fixed in a future update. One Example of this is the right-click menu, it takes a bit for it to "fade in" or "draw". Other than that the major issues with our server just crapping out has been fixed.
  12. hallister2

    Automate Freezing and Slow - Suggestions?

    TRUNCATE TABLE table_name;
  13. hallister2

    Automate Freezing and Slow - Suggestions?

    Makes Sense, Information is below: We run our server in a Hyper-V setup. We have our environment split. 1 Automate Frontend. 1 Database. 1 ScreenConnect. All on the same host. Memory Automate: 87GB Database: 100GB ScreenConnect: 10GB Database Size Total is about 128GB Largest table is the windowsupdateetlfiles tale it 38GB Followed by about 4 tables of eventlogs between 7GB and 16GB
  14. We have been having issues a lot with Automate going not responsive or the server not accepting connections at all. This has been worked on in the past and every time there is some database change that is needed or some IIS change that is needed to make things run better. Daily we seem to be seeing more and more issues of the ControlCenter taking a lot of time loading information and causing the application to go “Not Responding”. This all makes it very hard to get work done or rely on Automate to accomplish tasks. Just this morning Automate stopped communicating with agents at around 4am and was not resolved until techs noticed it and both servers were rebooted (Front-end and Database) at around 7am. This causes a major lapse in monitoring for our clients. We need to find what is causing this issue every month or two and need to make this setup more solid. Does anyone have this happening to them? Any suggestions from the community to make this setup more reliable? We are running Automate 11 Patch 19 with 5,527 agents deployed.
  15. hallister2

    Hide Quick Links to Downloadable LT Files

    You can hide them for all users or not hide them for all users. unfortunately you can not choose between users what quick links are shown.The file I edited is under: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WCC2\Views\UserPages\LoginQuickLinks.vbhtml.