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  1. Assuming you have the firewall ACLs and DNS resolution worked out try removing the mysql port in the host name.
  2. You need to use the right panel and watch out for the time series stuff. Time series is cool but its a different syntax. Also i like the SQL editor over the new editor they use. You can toggle it on/off with the layer icon Here is a simple query to get agents count in the Singlestat panel.
  3. I use it on prem as well but grafana is case sensitive looking for the labtech name and the name of the databsase the default is lowercase labtech in both instances.
  4. For CWA it's just MySQL queries to display the info already in the DB. I can show you some samples but once you get started..it gets quite addicting.
  5. I want to say that i am a huge fan of Grafana I have 9k+ agents and the CWA interface is very anti productive slow even with a ton or resources for the hosts/split server config. If you are interested in fast meaninful NOC type displays...this is your tool. Totally custom for your needs. Not what CWA thinks you should have. Great for real time views of incidents. Great for whitebox monitoring of scripts, problem scripts, runaway scripts. Works against a ton of datasources even SQL/Azure so you can even display your CWM metrics.
  6. Has anyone just disabled this service? We have found it puts massive CPU load (caused by WMI) on a large (number of files, not size) LTShare directory. We have a 2 server config only one LTShare directory on the AppServer. The appserver and webserver are on the same host.
  7. @CDK - can you share ? Looking for the Agent Status Info specifically the Monitor Setup Status "Installed on mm-dd-yyyyThh:mm:ss" I am looking more for the query than the report. thx
  8. Curious if there is no integration how are people rotating passwords? Manually or any custom sync?
  9. Any more info on the Gen2 probe capabilities?
  10. Hey everyone, Not sure if this is the best place but i was hoping to see if anyone had done any integration with CWA and Thycotic Secret Server. The goal would be to rotate SVC account passwords,domain account passwords, AuthAnvil Breakglass passwords. I don't see much documentation on this topic and I know about the API but was wondering if anyone has been down this road before. Any insight/tips/tricks is most appreciated.
  11. Has anyone gotten SNMPv3 working in their implementation? Support says it's broken/bug. Everything is a bug. I need an exterminator with all the bugs in Automate.
  12. Hey did you have to go to Prof Services for the Split config? I am told its $750 for the consulting team...kind of a rip off knowing that the single server was a security nightmare and now they want to charge to secure their own faulty config.
  13. I created a couple of quick and dirty scripts one to GET registry info and pop EDF then once i had the info a SET script to make the registry setting for the AV. Easily can be done in one script.
  14. Thanks I was looking to use something like azure to broker SSO so clients could use their domain credentials. 2FA/MFA would fall into place after that.
  15. Hey everyone, We are getting more and more pressure to provide clients with the ability to view their environments via the portal. I can create individual accounts which is very cumbersome and I was hoping to avoid and I was wondering if anyone has setup or know of any successful SSO integrations they wouldn't mind sharing whether it be via Microsoft or another broker I sure would appreciate that very much. My goal is to have SSO for my multi tenant private cloud and onpremise clients. Thanks in advance,
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