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  1. Thanks for taking the time to reply and thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hey all! I wanted to get a bit of feedback if possible. Labtech is offering a LabTech Patch Management Virtual Workshop in Dec for $150. I have been using the patch manager in LT10.5 since it was released. And while the current Patch Management seems basically functional for our small number of clients I understand the LT11 patch manager is completely redesigned and (hopefully) improved. I can't say I feel 100% confident with the LT10.5 patch management, I have no huge complains about it (other than the obvious ones). Those with LT11 already, would you recommend taking a course on the topic? Is it less/more user friendly than 10.5? etc. Ideally in 2017 we plan to greatly increase the number of endpoints we are patching so a solid understanding would be a must for my company. Just looking to see if those that have already used the LT11 patch management would recommend a course on it after using patch management in 10.5 or not. Thanks for any feedback!
  3. Howdy! I am starting to look at the reporting section in Labtech. While the default reports are *OK*, I think some modifications should be made. I am currently using a cloud server hosted by Labtech. I have a 2 part question really: 1) Is using Crystal Reports the only way to edit the report files? I have seen references to people using CR, but I have seen 1 or 2 references to some admins using Visual Studio. I have used both in the past but I currently don't own a copy of CR. Just looking to see what others are using. 2) What have cloud partners been doing to edit the reports? Since I don't have direct database access to my cloud server, how are cloud partners modifying their reports? Thanks for any info! Edit: I have already had Labtech support setup Dropbox on my LT server so I do have access to the rpt files.
  4. Hello fellow geeks! I have a question about how Labtech stores the passwords in the database. We are currently using the hosted solution for Labtech and I am trying to get more information on how the passwords are protected when entered into Labtech. All I can find in the Labtech documentation is that "All passwords are stored AES encrypted in the database." Which level of AES? Any other method used to protect the password (salting/hashing)? How can I be confident when I tell my customers that the credentials I have for their network are secured. The only 9 words I can find in the Labtech documentation (above) doesn't instill much faith. I am going to open a service ticket with Labtech trying to get more info however from some of the more advanced discussions going on here I thought someone might know more/better information than the random LT tech that may get assigned to my case. Thank you for any information you can provide.
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