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  1. Tried it. Install crashed, left server inoperable. Server down ticket was answered with "run it again" which failed. At that point they created a ticket that was responded to at the 4ish hour mark after I had rolled back to the last backup. There is nothing special about my install so I have held back until they can tell me why it failed.
  2. I will post it when I am in the office sometime tomorrow.
  3. This is possible via SQL. I have a script for on premise installs. Not sure hosted has that level of access.
  4. if it was branding he would get a popup that says agent already installed on the reinstall. also, they would not go offline. this sounds like something is actively killing/suppressing the agent.
  5. is your AV or something quarantining the agents? you story has that feel but I have not seen this behavior...
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