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  1. Hi all I have a quick question about the commands section of the Custom Tabs plugin. I have added a new custom tab to the CLIENT screens. It shows a few EDFs and also loads a web page. I would like to have a command button on that tab that creates a new folder on our LABTECH server inside the TRANSFER folder - eg: c:\LTShare\Transfer\Software\NewFolderName How would I go about doing that? Thanks!!
  2. Ignore - Moved my question to a new thread...
  3. Baffled. Tried that with two different user accounts that are super admins. No luck.
  4. Hmm - in the users table the only user with ID of -1 is "root". Do you mean delete the Super Admin class completely from the "User Class Manager" screen, or do you mean just delete super admin class in my user account screen and re-add it? Thanks
  5. Very cool app -however no matter how I log into it as a superadmin a cannot see an "Admin" link to set Screenconnect and other settings. Not sure what I am doing wrong.
  6. wdyoung - yes it does. Ben, we view Labtech and Connectwise as almost the same company since they live together and once the contacts get synced to Connectwise they then sync to Labtech for use in computer assignment. I posted this since I saw other CW related posts here as well. If it is not appropriate I have no issue with the moderator deleting the thread completely.
  7. AD-CW Sync service is a windows service that seamlessly and quietly keeps your customer's active directory users in sync with your Connectwise contacts for that customer. It is a Windows service so there are no java issues or batch files or scheduled tasks to worry about. The installer installs both the Windows service as well as the CW AD Sync setup application. The software uses the new Connectwise 2.0 API (requires CW 2015.1 or later) and .NET 4.5 on the machine(s) running the service. You will install the service on one machine at each customer location - the setup application automatically creates the required configurations in your Connectwise system. Complete documentation is included in the setup application (pdf reader required) and a 15 day free trial is available by clicking the link below and scrolling down to the free trial section: http://www.anexeon.com/store/software-subscriptions/active-directory-connectwise-sync-service-detail.html A video walk-through of the setup application is available here: Enjoy!
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