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  1. digitalmess

    Service Blacklist - OneSyncSvc_

    I would suggest you investigate what is generating those services before you attempt to blacklist them.
  2. It looks like Windows Store Apps updates. What verison of LT Server you running?
  3. digitalmess

    Inconsistant Patching

    @RickDubs Is the patching policy properly applied to the second server? Is the Windows Update service malfunctioning? Is maybe one server in a pilot stage and the other in a production stage? Do both servers have the same exact hardware and driver sets? Some times patches are not approved for a specific set of hardware.
  4. digitalmess

    Microsoft OneDrive Sync

    @lgs141 Thanks, we played with that, but it just doesn't provide good feedback. Like we'd want to know if there's a file conflict when enabling protected folders. Or like etaylor said, it shows "NotInstalled" or we had another error reported when sync'ing was happening. Forget what the specific message was but it indicated that it was not configured. For now the best we found is to roll out the registry keys for automatically enabling OneDrive Sync, Protected Folders, and cross check the LastLoggedIn key. Maybe when I get adventurous enough, I'll work on something that utilizes the SyncDiagnostics.log file and breaks down results. %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\logs\Business#\SyncDiagnostics.log
  5. digitalmess

    Microsoft OneDrive Sync

    If you've figured out a way. Could you share the general details of how? Just starting to investigate this ourselves.
  6. digitalmess

    Copy file from OneDrive to Agents

    I know this is an old thread and maybe you've figured out how. But we do a similar thing for large file downloads, due to being on a hosted plateform and not enough storage space on our L Drive. The keys to accomplish this is a publicly sharable link (With or without edit) and change after the last ? to ?download=1.