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  1. Did anyone ever get around the editable system script? I think what I'm going to do is make the drive size larger (16GB at present) and try to reduce the rubbish.
  2. I'm interested in IIS lockdown too if anyone any feedback!
  3. Is it the script linked to earlier that everyone is using here? Feel like we must be re-inventing wheel coming up with something new and came across this.
  4. wonder if anyone ever solved this hyper-v host maintenance mode puzzle? Just about to set maintenance mode manually at each location but feels like must be a neater way!
  5. Where should robots.txt live - I assume we had it (on latest version) but can't see it.
  6. Hi, is anyone else seeing issues with this and patch manager? I think KB4023057 was withdrawn by Microsoft and then re-added or something. We keep seeing it fail to deploy.
  7. Hi all, wondering if any update on this plugin? I have it close to working for most servers but struggling with the role detection.
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