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  1. we are looking at Keeper MSP for password management, just wondering if anyone out that has used them and the pro and cons they seen. https://www.keepersecurity.com/msp-password-manager.html
  2. you have to change the internal monitor your image is the remote monitors to find the internal you go here, sorry for the late reply i just saw this
  3. I always had trouble with the script and edfs that umbrella provided i found it easier and more reliable to just edit the msi and add the 3 needed fields to properties https://support.umbrella.com/hc/en-us/articles/230905308-Umbrella-Roaming-Client-GPO-and-SCCM-Deployment-in-Windows-Server-2003-2008-2012 and once I have the modified msi i just give it a unique name like client.msi and use a edf to specify the name of the file to download set at client level
  4. I know it still seems to work for us and we are on 2019.7 as we use it for the same thing not the monitoring so much but just a way to track who has admin rights and to what system
  5. we corrected this awhile back by adding this to our drive space monitor. this is the additional condition for our 10 gig monitor Drives.Size > 16384 and Drives.Model not like '%USB%' and Drives.FileSystem not in ('CDFS','UNKFS','DVDFS','FAT','FAT32','NetFS') and Drives.free < 10240 and missing=0 and drives.internal != 0 and driveid not in () that should help as then its not going to even look at anything usb
  6. before i starting using and building just wanted to make sure the installer on the main thread is still what i want to use and download and if everything works correct on Automate 2019.7 and later
  7. no as of patch 2019.7 it is no longer able to connect i was hoping to find an updated version
  8. https://www.third-wall.com/ we have been using this for a couple years now has that along with a host of other security options
  9. I know from our Own experience with about 7k endpoints make sure you know what in regards to event logs your bringing in, and how many days of them your keeping in the database as originally we went with 30 days and that was just incredibly unruly and made our database and performance a small nightmare. even at 4 days sometimes we have issues. that is one thing i would definitely discuss with them before you go to far.
  10. I was able to refine it further though it does not seem to be picking up the Message or subject
  11. Thanks for the links i was at least able to make some progress now its just the over 10 times in an hour i have to work on here is what i have so far i know its very basic:
  12. wondering if any of you have come up with a way to monitor the event logs for a specific event and only generate a ticket if it occurs more then a set number of times, i have been looking into it and I fully admit my mysql command knowledge is a little limited
  13. There is a plugin that does something similar that we use for this purpose. https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/admon-local-admin-group-monitor
  14. from our experience with 2019.3 Is it possible to lock out an Active Directory account from too many failed login attempts via Automate web client or desktop client? Yes I have seen this happen Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been disabled? I have not tried this but i know if AD is locked out then they are blocked form logigng into labtech so i would imagine that is the case but should be of course tested Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been deleted? Yes as the labtech account will remain active just not synced to AD
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