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  1. from our experience with 2019.3 Is it possible to lock out an Active Directory account from too many failed login attempts via Automate web client or desktop client? Yes I have seen this happen Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been disabled? I have not tried this but i know if AD is locked out then they are blocked form logigng into labtech so i would imagine that is the case but should be of course tested Is the technician still able to login to Automate after their Active Directory account has been deleted? Yes as the labtech account will remain active just not synced to AD
  2. troms

    Patch 2019.3

    Yes Support was able to correct it for us as Well they had to remove our screenconnect plugin fully then reinstall it, once that was done and we did an update of remote plugins it started to work again, but had a few that had to be fixed but nothing major but it did take a few days for them to track it down.
  3. troms

    Patch 2019.3

  4. troms

    Patch 2019.3

    Yeah we have worked alot with support and our ticket has been sent to the developers so they can fix it, it seems it some miss match between labtech and Screenconnect as if you manually install the Screenconnect on a system it checks into the screenconnect server and you can connect there with no issues, but its inaccessible form our labtech with that same error
  5. troms

    Patch 2019.3

    Afternoon All we just updated to this patch yesterday and now no new Screenconnect control agents will install through labtech support has said it was a creeping up bug was just wondering if anyone found a work around in the mean time.
  6. troms

    Email a Uploaded File

    yeah I tried for awhile not much success i finally just setup a scheduled task on the server to purge the files in the uploads directory once a week
  7. troms

    Email a Uploaded File

    ok update to this, once the file is upload and then emailed is there a way to script a delete of that file off the labtech server, i tried using the %uploadedfile% variable with the file delete and it seems to list the path but says it can't find the file to delete it, Parameters: C:\LTShare\Uploads\client\server\AU.csv Output: ERR an error occurred: Could not find a part of the path C:\LTShare\Uploads\client\server\AU.csv or perhaps i should be using a command other then file delete to accomplish this. any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Has anyone come across a way to run a script that generates a file, that file then gets uploaded to the labtech server, and then labtech attaches that file to a email and sends it to a specific email account, the first part of that is easy but I have found no way to tell labtech to look at this file path grab this file and email it to this address, as basically trying to automate the sending of a AD export to csv to a 3rd party
  9. troms

    Password Managemnt

    Morning All, looking for some information or input, I work for a Medium sized MSP we have about 500+ clients and use Labtech (Automate but will be forever labtech to me) And connectwsie manage, we are looking for something that integrates into both connectwise manage and Automate for Password management, i have seen the plugin for Lastpass and wondering if anyone has tried that and how it works or if anyone has found something better.
  10. troms

    Reboot Schedule Plugin for LabTech

    So far i like this plugin any word when it will work at client and location levels
  11. troms

    Missing Event log Alerts

    Evening all, am trying to create or see if there is a way to have a script that checks once a day against a server to see if event id 190 or 191 are missing form a certain event log, and if both are missing then create a ticket to have a tech look into why. has anyone attempted this before just looking for maybe an example or some words of wisedom
  12. troms

    Labtech 11 Screenconnect reporting

    Yeah we have been told and told by our AM that there in labtech 11 will be reports like the remote access report that will include screenconnect, as we have some financial customers that require it but seems the report is still in the works at least here's hoping
  13. has anyone seen a remote access audit report or something that pulls in the screen connect data to show who and when they connected to a system, I have been told by Am and support that's in labtech 11 but I can't seem to find it anywhere
  14. troms

    Agent Updates

    has anyone gotten a script working or some method for taking care of Agents that do not seem to be updating, i have been toying with a bat file and script to make it work with mixed results, and the commands through the labtech console do not seem top be working on the some systems i have about 25 that do not seem to update unless the agent is removed and then reinstalled.
  15. troms

    Dialpad install script issues.

    the Shell as admin only works if you have a set admin that exists as a local account on the system, if you just use shell it uses the login creds you provided for labtech, its why often shell as admin doesn't work but shell does, i would try just using shell and see if that corrects your issue.