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  1. Although I did not limit the number of months that you could enter, it's my personal recommendation not to exceed 1-2 years. Fortunately every time you use the links provided it will download the most up-to-date agent installer to be used. On the other hand, I have no idea what CW Automate developers plan to do or change in the future. None of us expected the typical generic installers would be locked down, and they might also make changes to the Deployment.aspx or `installertokens` table in the future. The official web portal only creates these tokens for 24 hours and clears out expired tokens in a nightly routine. Time will tell...
  2. Due to the latest vulnerability patches, we can no longer download any Automate Installer that is not downloaded with an Authenticated Automate User. With the help of Darren White creating the Token Generator, I've created Automate scripts to easily create the Automate Installers with Tokens and will currently create tokens from 1 month to years. Will generate ticket with Windows MSI, Mac, and Linux installers with tokens. • Enter # of months until the token expires. If left blank, the default is 12 (enter number only) • Enter alternative LocationID. If left blank, it will default to the Location where the script was executed from. • Enter Email address if you want to receive an email with all of the links. • Additional PowerShell and Mac Terminal Scripts will be included to make deployments easier. I have also updated the "Agent Deploy - Create GPO on DC" to create a "CW Automate Agent Deployment" GPO and automatically link it to the root of the domain (optional parameter). **Caution** This not a ConnectWise Automate blessed method of creating installer tokens, and the the developers could change the installer methods just like the did with the previous installers at any time. This is also true for the tokens themselves in the `installertokens` table. Agent Deploy - Generate Installers with Tokens.xml Agent Deploy - Remove GPO on DC.xml Agent Deploy - Create GPO on DC.xml
  3. I have replaced the "Agent Deploy - Create GPO on DC" script due to the vulnerability lock-down of Deployment.aspx. If you've already used the GPO Creator: Import/Update both scripts. Run "Agent Deploy - Remove GPO on DC" on the existing client's Domain Controllers to remove the existing "CW Automate Agent Deployment" GPO. Run "Agent Deploy - Create GPO on DC.." on the Domain Controller with PDC FSMO Role. This will create a new GPO. You can enter the Token's expire time (in Months, default = 12 Months). You can automatically link the GPO by enter "True" in the script parameter when you run it. If you do not enter "True", it will create the GPO, but not link it to the domain or OU. You must do this manually. Review the ticket that's generated and GPO on the server to ensure everything working as expected. Agent Deploy - Remove GPO on DC.xml Agent Deploy - Create GPO on DC with FSMO Roles.xml
  4. I have updated the Github Install-Automate and Push-Automate scripts to accept tokens. I have also created an Automate Script that will create tokens (from 1 month to several years) and automatically create a ticket and email (optional) with all of the links pre-created. I will continue discuss the PowerShell Module here, although I will maintain the new Automate script in a new thread. Agent Deploy - Generate Installers with Tokens.xml
  5. Try testing the install string from the command prompt from one of the computers to ensure that it's running unattended. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/enterprise/customer-resource-center/installation-and-setup/ https://eddiejackson.net/wp/?p=4508
  6. Use the Web Portal to view the most accurate compliance percentages.
  7. The installation is using the NT Authority\System account by default. It's not Run as Admin
  8. I have merged the changes into the Master branch.
  9. I found that using the NT Authority\System account, it must be run from the Domain Controller with FSMO Roles installed. Try the PDC enabled server.
  10. I just want to confirm that all of the time-date calculations are working as intended in German, and your not getting any additional issues on from the branch changes...
  11. I just looked a few moments ago. Everything looks fine on my side. https://github.com/Braingears/PowerShell Do you have AV or content filters blocking access to GitHub?
  12. @VistaMeansDeathThank you for the recommendations, although your replacements didn't work. They simply inverted the true/false to work in your favor. I've replaced them with: $Online = If ((Test-Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service") -and ((Get-Service ltservice).status) -eq "Running") {((((Get-Date) - (Get-Date (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service").LastSuccessStatus)).TotalSeconds) -lt 600)} Else {Write $False} Last Success Status & Heartbeat: ([int]((Get-Date) - (Get-Date (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service").HeartbeatLastReceived)).TotalSeconds) ([int]((Get-Date) - (Get-Date (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\LabTech\Service").LastSuccessStatus)).TotalSeconds) In all of the tests, the Server Address was always found properly in the MSI metadata (when downloaded from the server). The /SERVERADDRESS parameter was broken after last September's changes, thus I excluded it. Upon your requests, I've re-added it back. (Start-Process "msiexec.exe" -ArgumentList "/i $($SoftwareFullPath) /quiet /norestart LOCATION=$($LocationID) SERVERADDRESS=$($AutomateURL) /L*V $($LogFullPath)" -NoNewWindow -Wait -PassThru) I have made all of these changes to the following Branch: Invoke-Expression(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Braingears/PowerShell/TestUpdates/Automate-Module.psm1') Please test these changes and let me know if it works in the German OS'
  13. This doesn't make any sense. It appears that they are both in the same format already.
  14. So I have a several options here. Check Get-Culture and check for "en-US". If the language is different, skip all confirmations to see if the Automate Agent is online. Compare how the timestamp is saved into the registry by Automate and attempt to convert it for the same functionality. Create a -Quick parameter that just executes the .MSI, without checking if the Automate Agent has checked in. This would also exclude the confirmation output showing the Server, ComputerID, etc.. Let me know your feedback (or additional options). As it stands now, the Install-Automate Command will install the agent successfully in German. Although if it's run a second time, it will think that the Automate Agent is not online nor checking-in and will attempt to R&R the agent in order to fix the problem.
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