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  1. This worked for me just now on CWA 2020.5. Thank you @myoung -Mike
  2. I swear I saw this monitor in a Ron Popeil infomercial since all you have to do is ....set it, and forget it! All my CWA agents stay updated without me forcing them to thanks to this most excellent monitor. Thank you Darren. -Mike
  3. Thank you Danial. I can confirm this script works great. The information messages and e-mails it sends along the way are timely and informative. I ran it 200+ times to go from 1803 to 1903. -Mike
  4. Thank you @johnsalle. The script worked perfectly. It saved me from doing this manually 40 times. -Mike
  5. Thank you Darren. I just changed those monitors today after getting 1,100 tickets for unclassified apps (post ITNE we did a reset on Ignite to audit what we are and aren't monitoring). -Mike
  6. Can that be configured in the script, or are you referring to setting that up via AD? -Mike
  7. The PS command only suspends it once. We tested by rebooting the server manually right after, and the BL prompt came back up. I think it may be the end of the PS command, -RebootCount 1, that tells it to suspend for only one reboot. -Mike
  8. The command from @Gavsto was inserted into our reboot script as the first step before Reboot Computer. It works perfectly to suspend BitLocker once during that reboot. Thank you @Gavsto for your assist there. This piece of the script is resolved, now getting the lock desktop command to work after AutoLogin runs is our latest challenge. -Mike
  9. Our standard deployment is a single physical server at the customer site with a Hyper-V VM as the DC. Both servers are Microsoft Windows. A mixture of 2008, 2012, and 2016. BitLocker is enabled on the C drive of the Hyper-V VM. Each month we install Microsoft Windows updates, then get a ticket in CWM it was successful and time for a reboot. Currently I am having to log in to the physical server, reboot the VM, then enter the BitLocker key to get it back online. It seems like there is a more efficient way to do this, perhaps by automation. Are there others out there with a similar situation that have found a way to automate the reboots even with BitLocker enabled? Any suggestions on a more efficient way to do these reboots that will include less human involvement? I've seen some people mention a script that suspends BitLocker, then enables it after a reboot. I haven't seen a script for CWA to do this though. -Mike
  10. They have a plugin now, but it is nothing like the Webroot plugin. I checked in with my contact at Sophos as I was impressed with the Webroot plugin I saw at Automation Nation. The reply I got was that an integration like what Webroot has with Automate isn't in the works at the moment, but could be later if public/open API's are released for Sophos Central. I am currently evaluating a switch from Sophos to Webroot for our 956 currently deployed Sophos agents (servers and workstations). That Webroot plugin is very appealing, as is the web interface, along with the ease of creating new customers and policies. -Mike
  11. Did anyone find a way to combine these into one script with a reboot at the end? -Mike
  12. Badda bing, that was it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Darren. I haven't used LT in a few years, and I hadn't done any scripting like this in the past, so I was lost. So you put a colon after the registry key you want LabTech to create, then the string value info? In this case I had up to this registry key on all endpoints already, HKLM\SOFTWARE\HitmanPro.Alert. But I needed to add Ez3D2009.exe as a new key under HitmanPro.Alert. Then drop in that tricky string info, C:\Ez3D2009\Ez3D2009.exe with the value of Exclude. For my knowledge..... How does %3A replace the colon? I'm going to save the text of this thread as I am sure I'll need to do something like this again in the future. Thank you so much. -Mike
  13. Thank you for the tips Darren. I gave the text you provided a try. It created the right key for me, HKLM\SOFTWARE\HitmanPro.Alert\Ez3D2009.exe. However, it then created a string value called C with data of \Ez3D2009.exe. No mention of exclude. -Mike
  14. I would like some assistance please using the 'Registry Set Value' function to add a new key and subkey under it to the registry. Once added, I then need to add a string value that is a path to an executable and set the Value Data. I tried for a couple hours with no success, so then used 'Console Shell' to get it done. The text of that command that does work is: reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HitmanPro.Alert\Ez3D2009.exe /v C:\Ez3D2009\Ez3D2009.exe /t reg_sz /d Exclude Still, I'd like to get the other way working if I can, using 'Registry Set Value'. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. -Mike
  15. MJ5150

    LogMeIn Removal

    This last XML is great, but it leaves behind the LMIGuardianSVC service in some cases. I am unclear how to add that line to the XML. SC DELETE LMIGuardianSvc How would I add that? -Mike
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