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  1. This is the agent_uninstall.exe not the install The command works fine except when run manually on the network probe machine running in cmd. when you call the same command from a script via the probe machine the psexec service starts on the remote machine but the agent_uninstall never completes. i
  2. Hope someone can shed some light. I'm taking on board a few clients from another MSP that uses labtech. The other MSP isn't doing any offboarding or removing the labtech agent. So i've created a script that I run from on machine after installing the agent manually and turn on the network probe. The command just hangs on the script and times out. I can login to the machine running the probe and run the same command and it works everytime. Would love to get the script running as there are quite a few machines coming on that I don't really want to do manually. the main line of the script that fails is %ltsvcdir%\psexec.exe -h \\@pcName@ c:\windows\temp\Agent_Uninstall.exe The agent_uninstall.exe is copied in a previous line on script ok. The process starts but nothing else happens. I've tried running with system option (-s) the script line runs as admin so it has access to the machine. Any help or other methods appreciated. Doug
  3. Thanks Jagjeet, I ended up upgrading and all is well so far, except for a few little items i'm working on. Cheers Doug
  4. I've been hanging off upgrading to LT11 due to feedback from a few people and LT Support. What's everyone's experience upgrading from 10.5 to 11 ? Is it safe to do so now ? Cheers Doug
  5. no but I cant see dUninstaller working anyway. It just reads registry for uninstall info.
  6. I'm working on a script too guys. Will update this post when I have it working. trying to use the avastclear.exe and click the button with a c# script
  7. hey guys, before I install this does it still work with the new twitter API's ? C
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