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  1. alatham

    Windows 10 Upgrade Script

    Thanks for the script!
  2. alatham

    SpeedTest V2 (major update)

    Everything seems to run, except i get the same failure to del. directory as you stated this is fine, but no results populate. running LT 10.5, could that be the problem?
  3. alatham

    Kaspersky Uninstall or ESET AV Remover

    Any chance this can be exported as a script? i am also looking for a silent Kaspersky uninstall script myself. Thanks
  4. alatham

    Idea for Script, not sure how to execute

    This works perfectly, thank you big time! Awesome work!
  5. alatham

    Idea for Script, not sure how to execute

    Awesome idea! Can't wait to try this out, il let you know. Thank you
  6. Hey guys, We get alot of calls from clients that claim they cant login, when we speak with them it is just that they dont understand to change the username back after we switch to the domain admin account. We were thinking of scripting a quick reg change to revert back to the last user, however i dont know how to go about pulling that data since once we touch the computer the domain admin is already in the reg. Each client obviously will have different domains/usernames so i was curious if anyone had an idea on what to do to pull up that data or script this in the best way possible? thanks
  7. alatham

    Help with permissions on Custom tab

    So i figured out the issue. I set the permissions to user class that i was not in, even though i am a super admin. I had to just assign myself the user class i already had set the permissions to on the plugin. Basically, even though my permissions should umbrella over every user classes permission, i still had to add myself to the specific group associated with the plugin and i was able to open it back up.
  8. alatham

    Introduction to Custom Tabs

    I reinstalled the plugin, what am i removing as well? i am still getting same error as before.
  9. alatham

    Introduction to Custom Tabs

    I removed the Plugin, are you removing the file for the plugin as well off the server?
  10. alatham

    Introduction to Custom Tabs

    I have the same issue, still haven't solved it yet either. It is a groups/user permission error as far as i know but im a Super admin and still cannot access the tabs i created myself.
  11. alatham

    Help with permissions on Custom tab

    I am a Super Admin, i did not restart the DB agent and then the LT CC. the plugin update says it will restart the agent so i never took that upon myself. This was a few days ago so i have restarted control center since then.
  12. I had setup two custom tabs in the past, went to go add another one the other day and i'm getting configuration permission denied. Any thoughts on this? I tried to uninstall the plugin and reinstall and still same error.
  13. alatham

    Resolution for Locally saved files

    Depends on what you want to do, but this might help... viewtopic.php?f=3&t=323&hilit=treesize Thanks, this is going work perfect as soon as i figure out how i denied myself permissions to the custom tabs after i created one already :lol: Thanks!
  14. alatham

    Introduction to Custom Tabs

    Hey, Can you explain how you were able to fix this? i also am not able to get into the custom tabs after creating one recently. Thanks!
  15. alatham

    Introduction to Custom Tabs

    Can you elaborate a little more? i am also new to labtech and i did the same thing. Trying to add a second custom tab and i locked myself out :lol: