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  1. Do you have a different source for the recording? it is in plying and the link is broken: https://www.twitch.tv//v/376361931?t=
  2. After editing the last block SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING(PowerProfiles,1+LOCATE(',',PowerProfiles,LOCATE(CurrentPwrProfile,PowerProfiles))),'|',1) AS CurrentProfileName, computers.CurrentPwrProfile AS Identity, computers.ComputerID, computers.Name AS `ComputerName`, CONVERT(CONCAT(clients.name,' ',locations.name) USING utf8) AS Location, acd.NoAlerts, acd.UpTimeStart, acd.UpTimeEnd FROM computers JOIN commands ON commands.computerid=computers.computerid JOIN locations ON locations.locationid=computers.locationid JOIN clients ON clients.clientid=computers.clientid JOIN AgentComputerData AS acd ON Computers.ComputerID=acd.ComputerID JOIN (SELECT computers.computerid AS computerid, SUBSTRING_INDEX(LEFT(PowerProfiles,LOCATE(@TargetProfile,PowerProfiles)-2),'|',-1) AS TargetPowerGuid FROM computers WHERE LOCATE(@TargetProfile,PowerProfiles)>0) AS result ON result.computerid=computers.computerid WHERE (computers.CurrentPwrProfile NOT LIKE result.TargetPowerGuid) #AND computers.ComputerID IN (@TestAgent) AND ComputerID IN (SELECT computerID FROM TCOMP) AND Computers.ComputerID NOT IN (SELECT ComputerID FROM AgentIgnore WHERE AgentID=@InternalMonitorIDNumber); DROP TEMPORARY TABLE IF EXISTS Tcomp; I get an error: Query: SELECT DISTINCT SUBSTRING_INDEX(SUBSTRING(PowerProfiles,1+LOCATE(',',PowerProfiles,LOCATE(CurrentPwrProfile,PowerProfiles))),'|'... Error Code: 1052 Column 'ComputerID' in IN/ALL/ANY subquery is ambiguous Execution Time : 0 sec Transfer Time : 0 sec Total Time : 0 sec
  3. https://product.connectwise.com/communities/5-automate-enhancements/categories/16-network-devices-and-mapping/topics says: Sorry, this forum is private. We cannot show this page, because you don't have permission. Reason: You are not authorized. Sign in
  4. Our Firewall / port forwarding does not allow port 80... so in version Version 1.8 line 94- included https CONST serverFQDN = "https://*************" ' FQDN or IP of Automate central server with protocol line 260 changed: from ' strDirectURL = "http://" & serverFQDN & "/Labtech/Deployment.aspx?Probe=1&installType=msi&MSILocation=" & strLocation to: strDirectURL = serverFQDN & "/Labtech/Deployment.aspx?Probe=1&installType=msi&MSILocation=" & strLocation The registry check that the script does is reinstalling were it had set the server to httP;//
  5. @Jmw66 We have been using it with 12- the only issue (addressed in this last release) was computers going to location 1
  6. @timwiser We have been using the GPO script you made - is has worked well thank you. We are noticing that the MSI it download ties to location 1 not the one specified. Secondly I the newest version of the script I am seeing in this thread is 1.6. Are you seeing that agents get installed to location 1?
  7. I think login scripts run under system not under the user
  8. You can mimic naming policy by making a search for computer that match router address then us the search to run a script to move computer to a new location
  9. if you do i as a login script vs a startup script it may be ok for users
  10. if the 20 locations have separate Groups or OUs Tim's script with separate parameters will work great for this.
  11. I am checking with some of the deeper pockets here- they may have some questions so I am watching for updates about tax liability (mikemoyse)
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