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  1. Hi all, Just after a piece of advise to see what other MSP's do out there for building new client PC's. I've have built several scripts in Automate for generic builds and a few custom ones for specific clients, but Windows updates appear to be our biggest stumbling block. At present we will fire up a new machine and then can spend a considerable amount of time running updates and having to reboot several times so at the very least, I'm looking for a way to improve this. Is there a way we could use a local repository with automate which could be used to speed up this process?
  2. Hi all, I've installed the excellent offline domain join script which I found here and works great. I'd like to see if I can take this a bit further. I currently have a main wrapper script for each client which pulls in various scripts necessary for that client. It would be amazing if I could include a call to this script and have it recognize which DC it needs to run against, then prompts for machine name before carrying on, or even better, take the name from the machine it's running on to autofill. Possibly all a bit much but hopefully worth asking the question
  3. ok thanks that's just done a low flyby on me. Just getting round to getting scripts done I have some scripts so far for 7zip/Chrome/ESET/Java. I thought about having these on a custom tab and then thought I'd just call them from the onboarding script, but that could get messy for existing machines that we add agents too. For now I think I'm just going to create a master install wrapper script to call the above 4 scripts once LT has been installed
  4. I'm thinking maybe I need to list the items I want to install such as Chrome/7zip/Java. Then tick the boxes of what I want to install. The script then looks to see what is checked and install as necessary. Just unsure how
  5. Ok I've picked one of my scripts "Install Google Chrome". So I've gone into Dashboard/Configurations/Additional Fields and added a new Field Name of Install Google Chrome. I've then gone into my script and added SET : [EXTRAFIELD: Install Google Chrome]= but not sure what the value should be. I've then gone back into my custom tab and chosen Tab Type of EDF Field List and then under Get EDF's selected Field Chooser and picked Install Google Chrome. I can see it on the tab now with a checkbox, but how do I get it to kick in the script?
  6. I've just installed this addon and got a new custom tab configured on the workstation window. I understand it's possible to add-in check boxes to deploy scripts that I've created but don't know how I can go about this. Can someone please point me in the right direction please
  7. I've just found this script and tweaked it to my paths, however after installation, it appears to keep the setup.exe running in Task Manager and therefore doesn't continue with the script until I force close the process. It also doesn't install or activate with my key in my msp file MS Office 2010 Standard Install.xml.zip
  8. I'm new to scripting and I've just spent the weekend trying to get some scripts together to push out various levels of Office. I've managed to get one working for Office 2010 but I think it's messy and it gives no notification. I've played with various levels of notification detail in the config.xml file but it seems unless it's all set to 'none', the script doesn't run. With this you have no way of knowing whether the install is running unless you look in Task Manager. This script works by copying the compressed file to the workstation, extracting it, and then running the setup. I found that I had to run another one with cscript in a batch file to add the key and activate as I couldn't get the msp file to work. Can someone look over it please for me and see if it can be tweaked so you get notification DOWNLOAD: /Labtech/Transfer/Software/Microsoft Office/OfficeProPlus2010VL.exe saved to %windir%\Temp\OfficeProPlus2010VL.exe SHELL: "%windir%\Temp\OfficeProPlus2010VL.exe" -y and store the result in %shellresult% SHELL: "%windir%\Temp\OfficeProPlus2010VL\setup.exe" /config %windir%\temp\OfficeProPlus2010VL\proplus.ww\config.xml and store the result in %shellresult% Many thanks
  9. Hi all, I have the following script running but it fails to run the last step. If I run the stop and start on their own, it works, but not when I add the additional lines. LTCommand: Execute Command CMD!!!/C net stop trustedinstaller.exe LTCommand: Execute Command CMD!!!/C CMD!!!/C DEL C:\Windows\Temp\*.* /S /Q LTCommand: Execute Command CMD!!!/C FOR /D %i IN (C:\windows\temp\*) DO RD /S /Q "%i" LTCommand: Execute Command CMD!!!/C net start trustedinstaller.exe Can someone advise please
  10. Well most will be workstations which should be in LT but then also other things like routers/monitors and so on which I'm not sure if they can go in LT
  11. Yes but only seems to do the serial number
  12. Hi guys, Anybody got a way of tracking assets in LT via barcode scanner? Ideally we are looking for a way of tracking assets in CW via a scanner and barcode sticker but struggling with finding anything so wondered if there were any solutions in LT. At least then if in LT, we could then sync across.
  13. Should this CW integration give us daily reports?
  14. We do use CW and must admit I noticed the integration after posting this. Looks like it had been started but not finished which I've now done and sent a test summary through. Not sure what I should expect to receive but will keep an eye out in the board. We seem to get some ny critical errors via email at the moment which I need to resolve
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