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  1. marmfield

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    Joe, Can you share your work with us minus the API key? Thank you.
  2. marmfield

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    That fixed it for me! Thanks @lgs141 I'll look to see if I get the error you mention when this finishes running.
  3. marmfield

    Computer Warranty Updater (HP/Dell/Lenovo)

    It seems the HP and Lenovo lookups are not working for me. I went ahead and signed up for the HP API and got my own API keys but the lookups only work for the first 25 workstations. Every lookup after that fails. In my case I changed the group from 25 to 1000. While it took over 50 minutes to get the results, it grabbed all my HP workstation lookups and updated successfully. I'm looking into the Lenovo powershell to see if I can figure out why my lookups fail but I greatly appreciate your work on this script. If I can get this working with the Lenovo, We will be able to drop our Warranty Masters account and save money.
  4. What command(s) did you use on this? I've tried using the following on one computer and it still fails every day? attrib -R %ltsvcdir%\packages\hitmanpro\ /S /D