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  1. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a bit of help. I am trying to monitor HP MSA SAN devices through LT. I have read all of the threads I could find related to this topic. I have the MSA mibs installed on the LT server and I have built custom monitors using the OIDs that worked for HP servers, but they aren't alerting. I set the Community in the LT Network Device pop-out to ensure it was looking with the right community string and I set the credentials to use a monitor login that is set in the HP's User Account section. I did a SNMPwalk against the device and found that it doesn't have the OIDs to match the server. I have added a custom community string and walked against that to verify that I am getting info back, just not the info that I need Has anyone successfully built monitors for HP Storage Devices with LT? If you didn't build custom monitors, how are you monitoring yours? I know there is a built in email option, but we are trying to do this through SNMP instead. Specifically, I am trying to monitor HP MSA 2050 devices, but I know that working monitors for previous generations should work. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. Brett
  2. Greg, I know that this thread is super old, but I am currently trying to setup monitoring for a HP MSA 2050 and found your comment about the MSA 2040. I was wondering if you might share the custom monitor OIDs you used for your MSA (assuming it is also a HP) and any other things you can recall that had to be setup in order for you to monitor disks on your system. Thanks, Brett
  3. Brandon, I just realized that you built all these groups. Would you be willing to share your HP iLO monitors? The HP Gen 10 servers no longer have System Management so we are trying to get monitoring going through iLO response but aren't getting a lot of hardware items showing inside the Virtualization Manager. Thank you in advance, Brett
  4. Hey guys, I wanted to piggyback on this post because it is so recent. We monitor our servers using SNMP but this appears to have been removed from HP Gen 10 servers. Is anyone actively monitoring Gen 10 servers? How are you doing it? We used to use the System Management Home Page and Remote Monitors on specific OIDs but that feature isn't available anymore either. Specifically looking for Power Supply Redundancy and RAID alerts/errors. Thanks in advance, Brett
  5. No, in fact I just submitted to a few different boards I found on here regarding IBM monitoring to see if anyone has had any success. If I get any answers I will let you know.
  6. Kevin, Did this ever get rolled out for anything? Is this built-in or are there packages to download? Where can we get them? I am looking specifically for IBM server monitoring (HDD, Power, etc.)
  7. Shane, Did you ever get any feedback on this? Does anyone monitor IBM servers? Can you tell us what built-in monitors work? Are you running specific management software? Did you build custom monitors?
  8. Unfortunately, I never got this going. I wish I could help!
  9. I forgot to post my solution for this. I wanted to throw this out there in case someone else ran into this. It turns out that all of the servers had the "HP Insight Management Agents for Windows Server x64 Editions" installed. I ran an SNMP walk against the OIDs and the servers that weren't generating tickets weren't reporting anything for the monitor OIDs. This put me on the track of trying to determine why the OIDs weren't reporting. I went back to the HP website and re-downloaded all of the drivers and software. Once I installed the cp027391.exe "HPE Insight Management Agents for Windows Server x64 Editions" the OIDs would report when walked. The difference between the two packages is the E, everything else is identical. Keep in mind that the servers that WERE ALREADY working did not have this package installed. I don't know why the original package works for 99.999% of my monitored servers but not for these 2 but they are working now. For anyone interested in testing OIDs to verify they are working download SnmpWalk.exe and run it against your HDD and Power OIDs (these are specific to HP servers): snmpwalk -c:communitystring -r: -os:. -csv > c:\support\labtech\hppower.csv snmpwalk -c:communitystring -r: -os:. -csv > c:\support\labtech\hphdd.csv
  10. I have been able to locate a difference between the two servers at the monitor level. The server that is not reporting is not "returning information" on the monitor. The monitor shows green but when I test the monitor I receive an error with no Result. If I run the test of the working server it returns "3" which trips the monitor and creates a ticket. I have over 100 HP servers and the Power OID monitor reports for all but (2) servers. At least that I know of. Has ANYONE come across this previously?
  11. Yes sir! They were built within a day of one another. All of the firmware, and drivers were updated/installed within that time. I did check the firmware edition in the off chance it changed from one day to the next but they do have identical revisions. We don't use the iLO port, so I am not sure on those settings, if not in use is it still a possibility it would affect communication? I have verified that both servers are on the same subnet and using the same gateway and they can each reach the external page for our LabTech server.
  12. Hey guys, Sorry if this has been touched previously but the searches I tried didn't have any results. I am stuck. I have two identically built servers, running identical software. They have each been connected with only one PSU to test LabTech monitoring. One server reports failed power supply redundancy (both in HP system management and LabTech). The second server reports failed power supply redundancy in HP system management but it is not in LabTech. I have already checked SNMP community string and I have uninstalled/reinstalled the LabTech agent. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from here? Thanks, dubs
  13. Has anyone found a solution for IBM monitoring? Does anyone have any monitors built that they would share the OIDs from as a place to start? Surely someone using LabTech is successfully monitoring IBM servers for power, disk, etc. Anyone?
  14. I apologize if this has been addressed somewhere else but my searches didn't turn anything up. Situation: I created an Internal monitor to check the Event Logs on an HP server and create a ticket if there is an error regarding the power supply. I also created a Remote Monitor using the built in drop downs to monitor the same thing. If I unplug power supply 2 on the server the internal Monitor fails almost immediately and generates a ticket. The Remote Monitor fails shortly after and creates a ticket. When I plug the power supply back in the Remote Monitor returns to an OK state and clears the associated ticket. The Internal Monitor, however, does not return to a No Problems state, nor does it clear the ticket. Can someone point me in the right direction for resolving this? Thanks in advance, -bcdub
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