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  1. Hi All, I am writing a plugin which needs to invoke ScreenConnect through the click of a button on a tab. How can I implement this important functionality. Can someone please suggest. Thanks ! Gagan
  2. Hi, I am invoking a script on click of a button on a new tab on Computer Management window which I added through a plugin written in C#. How can I access the Log messages I write in the script using Script Log to the new tab using the plugin code that I am writing in C# so that. Thanks ! Regards, Gagan
  3. Hello, How do we get the Windows download folder within LabTech script. Thanks ! Regards, Gagan
  4. The app is a third party app and so we cannot write a web server into the app. Also the wrapper dll by third party is a .Net 4.0 dll that cannot be uploaded in plugin manager because Plugin Manager of current labtech version accepts only .NET 3.5 dlls. Even if Redirectors and tunnels are not reliable we would still like to explore it and so we would like to know how can we use Redirectors and tunnels for our needs. Can we make remote calls over TCP to remote machine using ports. Please suggest. Thanks! Regards, Gagan
  5. Subject: Remote UI Emulation in Labtech Sorry for a late reply. I was working with LabTech support for getting tunnel support. We found Tunnel didn't work in our office network due to some firewall and router issues. You had told that Not sure I understand this but if you want the management tabs to look like you app that can be done or if you are looking to tunnel your app from the agent. How can we use Tunnel/Redirected apps to run and show GUI of an application like mspaint/skype (instaled on a remote machine) as if it is running on Labtech control center using Tunneling. Eventually we will use the same technique for our backup application exe. I created a Tunnel Config->Configurations->Redirected Apps giving Program Name as full path of Skype.exe and Local / remote IP and port as well as SocketFunction (TCPLocalListen). When I select a remote machine (within Labtech control center) having skype installed in the same path as given above and goto Redirectors->Network Redirectors and click the above created Tunnel name, Labtech creates a Tunnel, connect to the remote machine and launches Skype.exe. However, it seems the Skype.exe that runs is the one installed locally (where Labtech Control center in installed) and not the one on Remote machine (where Labtech agent is installed) because if I rename Skype.exe on local machine then on connecting to remote machine using Tunnel/Redirections, Skype.exe doesnt run. How can I make skype.exe run on the machine (where Labtech control center is installed) using Tunnels and Redirections when Skype.exe is only installed on the Remote machine (running Labtech agent). If we can do this, it would help us to do the same with our backup executable within Labtech Control center. Thanks ! Regards, Gagan
  6. We are planning to bring our Backup solution to Labtech Control center. The remote backup user interface is a java application which will run on a Client where Labtech Remote Agent will be installed. Can this Java application be manipulated from within Labtech Control center. We would like the remote Java application screens be emulated within Labtech (the way we do Remote Desktop Connection). These UI screens will appear in LabTech control center and shall be remotely accessed. Can you please suggest a way in Labtech to make this possible. Thanks ! Regards, Gagan
  7. Hi All, We have attached Labtech Control Centre screenshot highlighting the left uppermost node MSP named "StorageGuardian" and the Client "labtech dev server". Where does Labtech store these fields in the database. How can we obtain the above MSP and Client,Location etc. within our Labtech Remote Agent plugin and script. We have a cloud hosted trial account. Please suggest. Thanks, Gagan
  8. Hi All, I am trying to Upload a file to Labtech server which is 370 MB in size using a Script. The command I use in the script is UPLOAD. I am using a Labtech provided hosted Cloud server. However, i receive an error "Err Uploading file failed". Small files get uploaded without error . Please suggest a solution. Thanks ! Regards, Gagan
  9. Hi All, I want to write an installation script using the knowledge article https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/knowledgebase/article/6172 It says: "You will need to confirm the location of, or place the installer you wish to download in, your LTshare\transfer folder on the LT Server." I have a Labtech Cloud server. How can I place a file to LTShare\Transfer folder on the LTServer using Control Center or scripts. Using scripts I can place the file only within LTShare\Uploads folder. Thanks! Best Regards, Gagan
  10. Hi All, I want to write a plugin to display Alerts in a custom tab on alerts & Info for an event log generated by a Monitor. Right now the monitor is showing event logs in Alerts & Info - Active Alerts tab. How can I show it in custom Alerts tab. Thanks ! Gagan
  11. Hi, I am new to Labtech development. I need to create a custom agent that runs on a client computer and reports custom data to the Labtech console Management periodically. Can anyoen guide me to a sample code and/or documentation for this purpose. Would I need to write code for agent in Vb.Net. Thanks, Regards, Gagan
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