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  1. Seems to be a very difficult question to answer: We have many Labtech Solutions in the Solution Center that are end of life, as well as many we don't use. How do we permanently remove the unused and end of life solutions? Thanks in Advance
  2. Hello All, I am new to the forums, so apologies if this is covered elsewhere. I have to make an IE11 privacy settings change to all the workstations at one of my clients (45 wks) as follows> 1. Open Internet Explorer 2. Select Tools then Internet Options 3. Click on the “Privacy” tab, select the Advanced Button 4. Can you confirm that there is a check mark in the box “Override Automatic Cookie Handling” and Accept is selected for First and Third Party Cookies? If the box is not checked, please check and select Accept for both First and Third Party 5. Press Ok and OK again 6. Close and reopen IE Any ideas how to push this out using Labtech? The opening and closing IE is optional, only part of the steps provided by the website. Thanks, wolffboy
  3. Hello, Apologies if this was covered on another thread I was unable to locate. I just need to add one of my clients to get email alerts of their offline servers, etc. We already have the alerting set up, our support email receives them for all our clients. I just want to add another recipient for a specific client for the same alerts. Thanks,
  4. APologies if this has been asked elsewhere, I couldn't locate the thread via search. We have repurposed an HP Proliant Server that had Windows Small Business Server 2011 installed, and made it a Standard Server with a fresh install of Server 2008 R2 and a different computer name and IP. When we install the Labtech Agent, the agent thinks it is running on the OLD SBServer. )(i.e. Labtech is throwing Exchange alerts when there is no Exchange installed on the "new" server) This seems to be connected to the machine's MAC address and what I need to know is how to override Labtech's assumption that this is the OLD OS. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks, wolffboy
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