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  1. thanks rami In our cloud instance we dont see the Labtech server I confirmed with labtech support not visible to us we have screenconenct to the server instance itself but not in our Labtech thx for you help
  2. must be really blind cause I see clients, scripts everything but no lt-server-name, did search in the tree and nothing. Not sure if that is visible to us for any reason. I'll figure it out thank you so much for your help!
  3. Thank you RAMI!! Not sure where ot actually find the Labtech Server ID. Or do you mean the ID number for this script itself? i dont see any ID number beside anything that would reference our cloud LT server instance
  4. Is there a way to have a script run a specific dataview run against a client at 1am We need to provide a list / report that shows workstations / laptops that were offline at that time and also computers that were left logged in and who was the logged in user Any suggests who be appreciated ty
  5. The Computer STATUS dataview would be perfect after some tuning to send on a daily basis We have a few clients are are asking; who turned off their computer when they left who was left logged in The STATUS - COMPUTER STATUS would be perfect as a report for each client Anyone know who to make a dataview a report? thx
  6. As part of our imaging process of new computers / refreshing computers we want to be able to generate a ticket when a new device is added by the automatic installation of the LT agent, as part of the imaging a new pc. When we image pcs at clients we have the LT agent auto install. We need to know when it has been added so that post imaging scripts can be done. Anyone done this? or is there an existing Monitor or something similar setup? thanks
  7. Hello All I'm looking to see what other MSPs are using today (with or without Labtech) to centrally manage and update software like adobe reader, quicktie, silverlight etc We are looking to be able to setup a system to manage all our clients who need their respective applications I've looked at Ninite and Chocolatey and see limitations in both the software that can be downloaded and the means to keep them updated For example I tried Chocolatey to deploy Silverlight and hasnt been update for over a year I understand I can use Patching to manage Silverlight, but what about Java or Adobe Reader or Flash etc And how do I central turn off the updating notices on these products to reduce helpdesk tickets and also those users "who will click on anything" Any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated Thank You
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