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  1. I am running in to a problem with certain USB HDD's throwing disk space failures. There actually ISNT a disk space issue, but since some users will sometimes remove the HDD, the monitor fails with "Unable to query drive ** for free space" ect. I know by default the disk space monitor creation excludes anything with *USB* in the name, but some of my users removable HDDs don't have USB in the name. Is there anyway to not throw a failure just because the drive is removed? Or to modify the monitor creation script to not monitor certain volumes on certain agents?
  2. I am trying to get an email alert to tell me the Name of a Sonicwall, when the connectivity fails. So far, in the alert I can only get the name of the probe monitoring the Sonicwall to show, but cannot get the name of the Sonicwall it is monitoring. LabTech support says this is not possible, and I will need to hard code it in. Any ideas?
  3. When working with certain clients, techs come accross certain things we would like to document for future techs. Things like these services for this specific server have to be restarted in this order. We were using the notes tab for each client to record this information, but have discovered there is a maximum un-defined character limit. Is there anyway to change this limit? And if not does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Is there anyway to set up LabTech to send out emails when patching has begun for a client? Or is there a script that is kicked off when patching begins that I could just edit?
  5. Unfortunately we just monitor these servers and don't perform any fixes on them... that would be my first choice as well. I seemed to of fixed the problem by upping the interval to 180 seconds instead of 60 for the Master Servers Offline monitor.
  6. So I determined the root cause to be when the servers spike to 100%, the labtech agent stops communicating. Anyway to build an additional condition in the monitor to not trigger if the CPU is > 90%?
  7. I am having an issue with around 20 agents at a specific client. The monitor for Offline Server keeps going off, with the servers not actually going offline. Shortly after, maybe 5 minutes, the monitor is green, and the servers are showing correctly. I have checked the logs, and I get LTService v100.332 - 4/29/2015 8:57:49 PM - WebRqst: http://cc.intechconsulting.us/LabTech/agent.aspx?244c1&29 : ConnectFailure : Unable to connect to the remote server : inner: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond : ::: Now, that makes perfect sense... the server cannot contact the LT Server. But the issue here is right now, the server is showing online just fine, and can contact the server just fine. It seems intermittent. I have checked Windows logs and haven't seen anything that would cause this issue. Does anyone have some suggestions on troubleshooting the issue?
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