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  1. Help me @Greg.Buerk/ @MartynKeigher/@Michael Priest... you're my techs only hope.. they're horribly missing the NMap output I used to display to them in HTML... with a Custom Tab... 😃 a combination of scripts/EDFs/IIS customizations I'd be happy to write up/clean up for sharing as a humble gratitude for some dev attention to Custom Tabs/CWA 2019... 😃 Also for sure to tell me to stfu and make an official feature request (hint hint fellow community members!) if that fits better, would love to see this plug officially supported by CW!! Hope to run in to ya'll at IT Nation!
  2. Just to expand on what Darren's talking about, you'll need to use the Field Mapping tab of the CWM plugin to bring Configuration Questions/API results into EDFs. I like this route because I prefer to keep my techs out of the Passwords tab of LT..
  3. @exosource That's awesome kudos for deep diving into the IIS stuff! Also for being the sacrificial scream test 😃 How'd you make out after shutting down everything but '/LabTech' ?
  4. If the jobs aren't being launched from LT, monitoring the associated Event Logs are your best bet. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/previous-versions/windows/it-pro/windows-server-2008-R2-and-2008/cc734488(v=ws.10)
  5. You'll have to use a RAWSQL monitor to get this done, but it absolutely can be. There are a couple posts out there about RAWSQL monitors, I'd also recommend firing up SQLyog and working out the syntax there. ProTip: I stole the SQL syntax needed to search for EDFs from the 'Show SQL' button of 'Searches'.
  6. Deleted in favor of viewtopic.php?f=5&t=2928
  7. Not necessarily - http://www.intronis.com/resources/pdf/data-sheets/Intronis%20RMM%20Deployment%20Kit.pdf This is the datasheet Intronis provides concerning the Event Log entries reported by the BackupAgent service. Some proper SQL'ing could result in an Internal Monitor that looked for events. The best part is, the events are already captured in the Application Event Log by default. To take it all the way home, I've had success with the Report Center and creating reports from custom tables I've got. You can report on your backup stats from there. I feel your pain about the Intronis reporting... Stale agents and crappy reports from Intronis themselves give me a headache. Edit: I should note that as a proof of concept, I have built an internal monitor that creates an alert for now. Nothing special just yet.
  8. @pengstrom - Happy to help! SSL is a good thing for everyone =)
  9. Sounds great - thanks for the plugin Tim!
  10. Love it! Any way I could get a list of [tags] that the email form will accept? Could I do HTML in the email?
  11. So my URL Rewrite configuration looks like this It yields the behavior I think your after. Even if someone tries to go to http://my.ltserver.com, they are redirected to https://my.ltserver.com. Agent communication seems to be unaffected. EDIT You'll also probably need this - EDIT 2: Just had to put this back together for LT 11 and did so successfully. Came back to add the fact that your Action type needs to be 'Redirect'. Otherwise you just get a 404 with 'my.ltserver.com/WCC2' in the address bar.
  12. TheCloudGuy's solution sounds a hell of a lot easier, but I got this working with the URL Rewrite module of IIS.
  13. Probably using the LDAP proxy. But unfortunately that's on-prem CW only =/ I'm sure you can use the Google Authenticator, but you don't have to.
  14. If I recall, everything needs to come over except for the "h_*****" tables and the eventlogs table.
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