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  1. I finally tracked that post down. It's here if anyone else needs it- assuming it still works:
  2. Yes - unfortunately I no longer have the link but it was a known issue regarding the Associate button and if you ask support they will provide you with an update rollup link. It was explained to me that there are update rollups that fix issues released but if you don't have a ticket on one of those known issues you don't automatically receive that update rollup. It doesn't make a lot of sense I know.
  3. If going the full managed services route, pricing per user might be easier and seems to be the way things are going. Charge per user $100+ and allow each user to have up to 3 devices (smart phone, tablet, laptop). The per user price can also include their access to servers and backups as well if you build that in. This guide is useful: http://www.autotask.com/docs/default-source/english-americas/wp_guide_pricing_managed_services_us.pdf If you're only looking to sell LabTech or 'RMM only', you'd probably want to price that out per number of devices instead of per user as I mentioned.
  4. Originally I couldn't assign contacts to computers due to a bug where the 'associate' button was missing. The new patch yesterday fixed that issue. However, when testing this I then stumbled upon the other bug mentioned above about the 'remote' button disappearing nightly. I've applied the changes above this morning to hopefully remedy that.
  5. Just got an update to my ticket and there is a patch that has been released to bring the 'Associate' button back. Now of course I'm experiencing the known issue you all are seeing where the 'Remote' button leaves every night.
  6. I know the capability is there but is anyone using LabTech to perform Assessments or Audits for potential clients? If so, let me know your thoughts!
  7. Seeing very delayed response times as well.
  8. I'm talking about this: double click the client Go to the ‘contacts’ tab Highlight the contact, then on the right side choose ‘select computers to associate’ Select the machine and then there's no button to select the machine (see image)
  9. Thanks for taking the time, is there anyway I could get you to export them so I can make sure I get all the other tabs correct as well? Link: https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/LabTech10/Default.htm#UsingLabTech/MonitoringAndAlerting/ExportingImportingMonitors.htm No problem if not, I have open tickets with WebRoot and LabTech.
  10. Would you be able to share the WebRoot monitors? I installed and auto deployment didn't work. I uninstalled and attempted a reinstall but the monitors never came back.
  11. With the release of LT 10.5 and ScreenConnect being used for the Client Portal I was looking forward to giving clients access to their workstations this way. When I go through the steps to associate a computer with a client, I get the '-Select Computers To Associate-' drop down but the gray space below it is empty outside of an X. The instructions say to click the button to assign the selected computer(s). It looks like this is a bug in 10.5 but I wondered if anyone knew of a possible workaround?
  12. I tried using the 'Time Recording' tab on my script but after filling in all of the information the 'Save' button remains grayed out. If I change a setting on another tab the 'Save' button becomes available. However, after closing the script and opening it back up, the information on the 'Time Recording' tab is lost. I ended up opening a ticket with support.
  13. I have a custom script that does some work with disk cleanups and I wondered what the easiest way to make this script create a ticket in ConnectWise might be. I'm open to having this either create a ticket with actual time or a fixed amount- whichever may be easier. At the very basic I just need it to open the ticket and complete it with time. Thanks for any information or examples.
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