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  1. @MGreen great write-up, thanks for sharing! There is a small issue with the results of Get-VMReplication. If you have Extended replication set up, the host can be the replica copy, but be the primary server for the extended replica. I fixed it by adding '-Mode Primary' to the Get-VMReplication cmdlet. All is well now!
  2. ScreenConnect Uninstaller View File Reposting from thread below, this is the version with @starbucksgold's modification to support clearing the install status from the CWC plugin table in the database. Submitter Hikato Submitted 08/30/18 Category ScreenConnect  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Reposting from thread below, this is the version with @starbucksgold's modification to support clearing the install status from the CWC plugin table in the database.
  4. Great work as usual, good sir, and thank you for the share!
  5. How long have you been using CWA12? I've run it in Dev for a few months now. After no major issues or dislikes, pushed it to production either on or the days following it going GA. What problems if any were encountered DURING the upgrade. How was it resolved? (Or is it still an issue?) As others have stated, smooth sailing if you have SSL cert enabled, new PM enabled. Unblock and run. What problems if any were encountered POST upgrade. How was is resolved? (Or is it still an issue?) After upgrading, rebooted the server just to be safe and run Solution Center updates. No issues. What is your feedback on the changes? What do you like best/worst? / What feedback did you get from your other users/techs? The worst thing I got was a lot of crap for being one of the first (if not the first) brave soul(s) in LTG to push LT12 to production so early. The heavy CWA users here (myself and a couple others) were more impacted than anything, but not enough to disrupt anything day to day. I must agree with @Gavsto, setting favorites is a must, and a great help. I find I can navigate just as quick now in LT12 than I was before. The UI is a little slow at times, but for a first release, it's pretty decent. I imagine this will be quickly fine tuned in upcoming patches. The lighter users enjoyed the changes. We did an internal demo of LT12 and for the most part, the changes were welcomed. The general consensus was a lot of the new layout made much more sense when trying to find information about machines. Our CWA is also accessed remotely, and paired with the new computer screen updates from one of the last LT11 patches, it is much better than it had been. Once the computer screen slowness was mostly fixed in LT11, I started enforcing/encouraging my techs to start using the new computer screen more. Overall, it was a pretty positive experience with nothing really standing out as a groundbreaking negative.
  6. This. You can do so by going to the Slack link in the forum navigation and it'll allow you to invite yourself. I've been on it for a week or so now, and no issues yet. I actually like the new interface, which I'm sure not everyone will.
  7. I believe they have a report for the current SP plugin, it just relies on the plugin working. I would honestly wait for something official. Mine may not be very feasible in the long run, it was more of a proof of concept that I just kinda ran with, but (so far) it works. As for someone not very familiar with scripting and/or APIs, it may not be very easy to replicate.
  8. The ShadowControl API is VERY easy to use, and gets some nice data. I have a PHP script that grabs all the data from the ShadowControl appliance and dumps it back with the proper ComputerIDs into custom tables in my LT DB. Then with custom views, I can dump it into the Report Center. I haven't yet dumped it into the report center, but I do plan on having it done in the next week or so. It also allows me to leave the data in the table, so I could potentially run reports for months back and such, unless I start adding retention to it. I have also discussed the plugin with our StorageCraft contacts to see if they can track down what the deal is with the plugin so we can get it resolved. I don't really care about the reporting side if my way ends up working better to integrate with report center, but it would be nice to have it working for automation purposes. lol
  9. I know CTaylor has a page that shows some descriptions of the schema. http://labtechconsulting.com/labtech-database-schema/ Might help in the mean time.
  10. Sorry for the lack of replies everyone.. You're all welcome. I was damn near pulling my hair out with rogue installs from issues with SC server installs... To make it exempt install(s) of SC.. right click line 10 (should be the "IF @sqlUninstall@ Not Contains msiexec THEN Jump to :RowCheck" line) and do Add. Make it match this, replacing the (xx) with the ID of SC you want to keep:
  11. Updated Ryan's script to update to the 7.6.7601.19016 agent version for 2008/7. You can grab the downloads for these here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3083710 Attached is a completely new script in case you guys need the old. -Tyler EDIT: Added a V2.. the first checks for 2008, but this will only update for 2008 R2. EDIT 2: Added a V3. Updated the version check, woops. Update WUA Win7 2008 to 19016v3.zip
  12. It's a ScreenConnect extension. We have a standalone license, so I'm not sure if that matters or not. Thank you, I did find the extension. I didn't realize that by "modified" you really meant that you changed the code form the extension, essentially using the extension as a starting point. I now understand that and have adapted it into a trigger which which is working great. Where I'm still lost is how to get the tech username (from LabTech) over to ScreenConenct in order to be displayed. I don't have the LabTech integration anymore. All of our technicians log in and use ScreenConnect through the web interface with LDAP. I disabled the LabTech plugin as the deployment worked pretty well, but I noticed a bunch of machines got skipped. I also have a script to custom deploy ScreenConnect to the right group (so once I set up my session groups, ex. "Client - Location", it sets those custom attributes upon install), and a script that will generate all of my session groups straight from the LabTech DB. I planned to release all of this eventually, but it looks like these may end up being features anyway.
  13. It's a ScreenConnect extension. We have a standalone license, so I'm not sure if that matters or not.
  14. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1576 Not an offloading script, but it's my script to remove all installs of ScreenConnect on a machine.
  15. I modified the "Auto Respond to Message" extension to send a chat message upon a technician connecting. I did it through the extension so I could pass the technician's name and easily turn it off and on. Then with the app.config, I made it so Always On Top is true, that way when the chat message is sent, it pops to the top. For example, if Bob connects, it will send the following chat message: "Company: Technician Bob has connected."
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