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  1. Just had a chat with support. My server has been randomly locking up and preventing all users from logging in the Control Center. Started since we installed patch 16 last week, and the tech on chat specifically asked if I was on 16 today, and he chose to clarify my server down issue as "so users can't log in your control center", not a server down situation. I am thinking there is an issue with Patch 16 specifically.
  2. We have 2fa enabled in Labtech. Unless you let your users log in directly to Screenconnect, this should suffice.
  3. I am having problems this past week, on 4 occasions users cannot log in the Connection Center and just this morning, all agents were unable to check in for 45 minutes. I am now in the middle of another outage that appears to have just cleared, leaving Labtech unavailable for users for 10 minutes. I am on Patch 16 of Verison 11. What is your patch level? I have been on 11 since it as released.
  4. I am also testing out the Workstation 24x7 built in service plan. I usually have the Servers in their own location, and for that location, I set the default Service to plan to Workstation 24x7 and move the Windows 7 machines in that location. Add that group to any monitor target you know you need and tune the presets.
  5. I created a new group with manual membership, then I add that group as a target to the monitors that I am interested in.
  6. Mr Rat, We have found that there is a need for the user logon name to be set in the "new" User Logon name (currently only the User logon name (pre-Windows 2000) is set). Can that be easily added?
  7. I get a notification that the GUID of the plug in does not match when updating. Is that expected?
  8. It does not copy permissions. I set up a script to add the permissions via powershell. I copy down a ps1 and a text file with the user accounts I want to edit.
  9. Very interesting, I have had a request open for months on this issue.
  10. table- v_hotfix_missing Fields- PatchCount Check- GreaterThan Result- 10 Identity- computers.name
  11. I am receiving this for a specific location when creating an individual user: The given key was not present in the dictionary. I found the account was locked out, so I updated the password manually and made sure the accounts on the password tab were updated as well. Sorry, was supposed to say I was still getting the error following changing the password.
  12. I have a new one. My new Service Account has expired (I have Auto change set to 89 days for my users). I need to update just the service account password, how do I get that done? ie, I don't want to make my users change their password more often, but this particular client updates more frequently than 89 days.
  13. OK. I have assigned a new user and will begin adding the correct permissions to it. On a side note (not sure if this was discussed previously), I was having issues saving the Exclusions for the "Manage locations" tab. We found that the table in the DB was limited to 50 chars. I upped that to 150 and I am now able to save all exclusions. Let me know if there is any issue with this change. Thanks!
  14. I have an admin account for each location that I don't want to to change (ie, it is in all the Exchange and Enterprise admin groups needed for Exchange Management). Is there a way to leverage this existing account with the Manage Location tab?
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