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  1. Has anyone gotten this to work? We have a customer that was on AVG 2013 File Server Edition and was working fine until I upgraded them to AVG Business Edition 2018. Now all is broken (No AV detected). Also, I'm not clear on the variables "AVGDir-% and AVGAllUsersDir-%" and what location they refer to. Any help would be appreciated. I did notice in the above example by cgomar that after the path "Software", you need "Wow6432node". Example: PL: {% -HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\AVG\Antivirus:AvgDir-%}AVGSvc.exe
  2. Guess this is the only way I will be able to delete the duplicate/triplicate monitor issues on LT10 Cloud.
  3. Are other partners having this issue? We are having issues after enabling "Onboarding". Most of the Performance Monitors (and others) are being duplicated and triplicated in the MySQL DB. LT Support has identified this as a bug in LT 10. This is generating 2 or 3 tickets per monitor event. In addition it is skewing the client reports we have to provide as part of our SLA. The sense of urgency to remedy this issue is unknown. We can't wait till the next maintenance release which could be months away. I guess they need to hear from other partners that too are having this issue. So bring up one of your servers, go to the monitors tab and look for duplicates of the same monitor (attached is a screenshot). You can just delete them because they are controlled by a group. Maybe I should submit an invoice to LT for my time to clean up their mess. You can't access SQL because it's "Cloud" and we don't have access to our desktop instance. I would encourage other partners to put pressure on CW/LT to fix this bug. It's amazing to me that companies release products with no QC, lack of regression testing, etc., and expect us to pay monthly.
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