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  1. Has anyone had a mystery computer show up in their server? I had one show up in new computers location on my server and that concerns me.
  2. I am interested in know if this works in Automate 12? I have a need to know what devices are bitlocker encryption capable.
  3. I am currently in a cloud hosted model with LabTech. They lock you down so much I can't even grab the necessary logs for 3rd party support when needed. I have to ask support for them. I am looking to purchase a server to use for some other reasons and was wondering how difficult it would be to migrate from cloud hosted to a VM on premise? I know the cost savings is worth it, but how hard will it be to make it happen? Can anyone offer some insight?
  4. Looks like you have a very detailed process. This is the first time I need to go through this, so I haven't laid out the process yet. Thanks for your input!
  5. When you need to offboard a client, how do you handle the scheduling of the offboarding script. If I run the script as a run once, will the machines that aren't online get removed when they come online? If not, is there a way to make this happen? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. I have never updated it since I first installed it 2 years ago. That same executable is good?
  7. Ninite moved to an msi file now. I have been using this solution for a while now, but I have never updated my file on my LTshare. Should I be updating this?
  8. Is this still supported on the latest version? I am a cloud partner with them
  9. Hopefully this is the correct place to ask this. I am having some issues getting a new user set up with permissions to do everything in LabTech minus working on LabTech users and working on machines in my company main production location. Below is what LabTech support sent me. I have set everything up just as they said, however the user doesn't have access to commands and scripts. I wish user permissions were more intuitive...
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I am trying to determine if this is a normal operation. One of my clients phone server is logging errors that the my server running as a network probe is trying to log into it via ssh. IS this a normal behavior for the network probe or should I dig in a little deeper to what is going on? Thanks in advance.
  11. Would someone be willing to share some instruction on setting up the EDF for the WUA version and a way to set up a search or dataview to gather the info? I am a rookie user with LabTech
  12. Did anyone ever find a way to search for out of date WUA?
  13. I have opened up a tickiet with LabTech Support regarding this issue and it was escalated to Tier 3 a month ago. I have yet to hear anything after a few responses to the ticket asking for an update. Since I am getting nowhere with them, I thought I would ask here. Has anyone seen this and have a resolution for it? It's causing me all kinds of issues because I have a few broken scripts running in the background that I can't kill. Thanks in advance.
  14. Trying to update to the latest build and keep getting an error regarding "unable to validate entitlements". Any suggestions? I am a cloud partner
  15. This may be a little off topic, but I am struggling with patching on newly shipped Dell computers with Windows 7 installed. I have to keep most of my clients at Windows 7 due to the nature of the 3rd party Software they use. Does anyone have a simple list of which KB patches and in which order to install them to get up to the latest revision of the WUA? What I currently try is this: KB3020369 first KB3173424 second KB3172605 last Is this the correct process? I ask because it's hit or miss for me. Thanks in advance.
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