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  1. Ok....so i finally gave up and upgraded server to v12. I can no longer get ScreenConnect plugin to work if you change the default ports from 8040/8041 in web.config file. Found a known issue on site as well about it. Cant even cheat and piggy back ssl to /DirectorySite. Ideally i would like to keep everything on http/https ports to avoid any firewalls in between if possible. Any one figured a way around this yet or am i peeing in the wind? I had LT 10+ working on 1ip, screenconnect using two different ips on the same box fine for a loooong time. To a bit of finagling to get it working initially but never had an issue until i upgraded. Now it seems that LT 12 website can no longer be bound to an ip, needs or it breaks for me. Cant open control center after binding it.
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