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  1. Can someone please point me to the right direction? I have the Connectwise manage and automate integration setup on the Trend Micro Website. Is there a script or an easy way on sending a ticket in if TrendMicro is out of date, or a computer has a virus on it or if trend Micro is disabled or uninstalled. Actually all of them. Thanks in advance. Chad.
  2. I purchased it and I was able to get it installed, but when I go to the Reboot Schedule, this is what I see. nly thing in there is -9999
  3. There are two .dll files in there, do I load them both? What is the difference?
  4. I tried to read all of the post but didn't' see it or was blind. But the one issue I have with the auto reboot from Automate is that if my server glitches or I have to reboot my Automate server, it sends out a reboot command to all of the computers that I have this setup on. I normally have it set to reboot all of the work stations each morning at 4am. My questions is that if a scheduled reboot gets missed, and or my server glitches. Once I reboot the server will it send reboot commands to the work stations or skip the missed command and run the next one. Thanks for the info, Chad.
  5. I have not, I have tried to use parts of other scripts, but it just is not working. Chad.
  6. Hello all, I am new to this, and also to scripting with anything in Automate. I am looking for ideas to write a script or adopt one that someone may have. I would like it to do the following for plugged in settings. 1. Set power to High Performance 2. Turn off Monitor - 60 minutes 3. Put Computer to Sleep - Never 4. Advanced Settings - Turn off hard drive - Never 5. Advanced Settings - Sleep - Allow Hybrid Sleep - Off 6. Advanced Settings - USB Settings - Plugged in - Disabled 7. Advanced Settings - PCI Express - Link State - Off 8. Network Card - Power Settings - Off. I have offices that run Dental software that if there are any power settings on, the dental software doesn't play well. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank You Chad
  7. I have just started looking at working with scripts in Labtech automate. I am looking for some help or advice on the best way to learn this. I have some offices that need to have recommended settings from the software vendor in order for the software to run normal. Is there a good you tube video that shows how to create a script that would allow me to add things to a current script. A couple things I need to add would be. 1. Change "Allow hybrid sleep" to no 2. USB selective suspend setting to disable Any help would be great. Chad
  8. I am interested in this as well.
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