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  1. Our solution for this was to change Save to Shut down. The save action on the VM does not bring it up cleanly when the host goes down, so we would see network issues requiring additional reboots.
  2. OK here is a screenshot of what I have tried with your last update. I added the columns computers.computerid and contacts.contactid at the bottom. I have tried all this a number of ways now, so you're my only saving grace. When I test this, it's blank. Maybe something stands out for you. I'd like to learn more about this tool, but I know it's unsupported and I don't know how much longer it will be around. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'm trying to follow your instructions and I can't get it to work. I've made a copy of the Product Keys dataview. I end up with a blank dataview or it locks up and I have to restart LT. Should the Join Types for Computers or Contacts tables be changed from No Join? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to this thing, but I've managed to get some use out of it. This would be super helpful. I think the part where you say "and linking by" is where I'm getting lost.
  4. Hello, I've managed to use the Dataview Creator to get what I need out of Labtech, but I can't figure this one out. I want to take the All Product Keys dataview and add computer and contact information to it so that we can report software licenses with users and machines included. Plz help!
  5. ScreenConnect RMM+extension is added, plugin added to Labtech, where do I put my key from the ScreenConnect plugin in Cubert's utility? When trying to wake machines, it just says Wrong Key... ah it's one of the right click options...I was looking everywhere else lol and no one asked in the thread
  6. I had to pull the plug and restore Labtech. I could not go confidently into the work week with this Patch Manager.
  7. I'm opening Patch Manager and clicking my red button. I get to Approvals screen where I want to approve patches for my default groups: Quick observation...I can't resize the top section nor the bottom. I can see like 5 patches at a time as opposed to like 50 in the old screen. What a tiny section I'm confined to. What is with these new screens that can't have the columns resized? How annoying. I can't drag columns and move them around either? Cool. So I have so many patches to approve getting started and I need to look at the dates of these things...and there's no column for release date? Are you serious this is the patch approvals screen and it doesn't have patch release dates? 3000 patches I kind of need to see some release dates before I can confidently push these out. Something is wrong here. Every time I Approve or Ignore patches I get a nice Out of Memory Exception now too. Rarely does it even process the command to all selected patches, instead I have to do it multiple times until they finally go away. Yes I should contact support but every time I try to, they link me to KB. This is just poor design. No dates?!
  8. These are the guys that I'd like being able to multi select for, the rest of the tools are a little powerful for running them blindly. Attempt Repair (WUA Versions tab) Update WUA to Latest (WUA Versions tab) Execute MK Patch Fix (Hotfix Issues tab) Update WUA to Current (Missed Windows tab)
  9. Ohh OK. Darn. It's a bit cumbersome selecting so many times. I don't want to accidentally hit a fix that performs a reboot. Otherwise, I've been trying to figure out how I can be most efficient with the plugin at my disposal. Thanks for clarifying!
  10. I thought I could select multiple machines in the demo because I did. I can no longer do that- so productivity with this plugin has suffered. Do I really have to click the agents one by one to attempt fixes? :?
  11. Speed and convenience should be the top priority of this screen. Instead, they brought in pizazz and futility.
  12. What are your thoughts on this and how do you make it better? Personally I find that there's so much real estate wasted, I can't copy and paste text like IP address anymore, Patching tab- I have to type in my filters now? This seems really disappointing IMO. Now there's just these giant tiles that take more time to get what I need. In summary, I think I hate it.
  13. My demo expired. Can I get it extended so I can show my boss? I just don't know how else to work on patching without this tool. I reset the missing & pushed everyday, but that seems to have little effect. This thing at least gave me some sort of control center to sure things up...I'm really disappointed Labtech doesn't have a better Patching setup.
  14. "sawtooth"- does grinding my teeth count? Thank you for this plug-in, I can already see results in just a few days. I've been pushing the MK Patch Fix to Systems Missing Critical Patches. Do you have a guide for how to use your plugin efficiently? I *think* I'm doing the right things, just checking.
  15. Coming from Kaseya, patching has been the most confusing part of Labtech for me. And I was good at patching with Kaseya. I handled 30k endpoints. Labtech is just confusing to look at when it comes to troubleshooting patching. The computer Management screen has a Patching tab with installed date and finished date, which don't seem to be correct. The whole 'missing pushed' thing is laughable. I find it generally impossible to troubleshoot patching without this plug-in. I don't know how soon I'll get my systems to an acceptable level, but this will help greatly. I'd also like to see a dataview with machines - missing patch #. I'm surprised there isn't one. I set all the missing approved, pushed patches to push again all the time and the number goes down, goes up. I don't know what I'm doing here.
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