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    Patch 2019.3

    Chatted with CW support talked with Wai Wong. Very nice guy, provided a simple solution and also stated this is a known issue and development is working on it. Go to CW Control and download the Control Agent installer. Run this on the computer that needs Control. Then go back to the Control web interface and find the computer that you just installed the agent on. When you single click on the computer you will see the URL will change, copy the last part of the URL (SessionGuid) Also you need your Automate Agent ID (ComputerID) for this machine. Now log into your Automate server and open up your database. There is a table, plugin_screenconnect_scinstalled that needs to be updated to get the link in Automate to open up the correct Control connection. The table layout is ComputerID, IsSCInstalled, SessionGUID Add 1 record for the computer with the above information in the table, and of course IsSCInstalled should be a 1.