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  1. Just wanted to see if anyone would have any experience to offer or opinions on this. We are working to setup a new on-prem server to be our new Automate Server. We currently have an on-prem Automate server but just working to move it to a more robust and better server than where it currently sits. We were thinking to have a split server setup where we would set the application server in the DMZ and then have the database server in our main production network in hopes to increase the security by placing the publicly accessible items in a DMZ and to keep the database more protected. As we had a call with Automate support, they suggested that this setup would most likely cause some performance issues and may not really increase the security much since we would need to open up certain ports from our main production network to the DMZ for our agents to check in and for the Control Center to operate properly. They also said that having a split server for our agent count was overkill for right now and that having a single server would be better. With that said, has anyone had our proposed setup before, and if so, have you had any performance issues with it? Also, due to our agent count, we are open to having a single server but also thought to vlan off the server so that it's on its own network so we can keep our production environment more protected. Again, if we went this way, has anyone had any issues with having an Automate server in its own VLAN and separate from the rest of the network? I am assuming not since it should work just fine but just wanted to get some feedback on this. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone built a script that would disable active directory users who have not signed in for at least 90 days?
  3. I just spoke with Automate support since one of our servers was showing a last patched date of 6/20/2019 by Automate but we found that it had not actually been patched since November 2018. With that said, I found from Automate support that the "last patched" date includes third party patching as well. So, this server was patched by a third party patch on 6/20/2019 but Windows updates had not been installed since November 2018. I asked them if they had a better monitor to best track the agents that have not had a Windows update installed in the last 30 days but they said there wasn't one. They said there are some coming down the road, but has anyone had to create a custom monitor that monitors just for Windows updates not being installed in the last 30 days for example? My goal is to create a monitor that would find agents that have not had a Windows update installed in the last 30 days and fully exclude third party patching from that monitor.
  4. We use Automate version 12 and Control. Over the past few months, we have seen a growing number of Automate agents becoming corrupted and going offline. At the same time, we are finding those same agents are in fact online and their Control (Screen Connect) session is active. With that said, is there a way to setup something in Automate that would alert us if an agent is offline in Automate but is still online in Control? That way we would know that we need to repair the Automate agent on those computers.
  5. We have recently upgraded to LabTech11 and then recently upgraded to the new Patch Manager. After doing this, I have found that when running a Patch Compliance Report in the Report Center, it is not showing all of the agents and seems to not be pulling from the right data. The graph showing the overall compliance for the site is blank and it the percentage is always at 100%. Has anyone come across this same issue? I talked with support and they said it would most likely be fixed in the next patch at the end of the month but would like to see if it can be fixed sooner than that.
  6. I am attempting to run the "Resend Inventory" command inside of one of the virtual machines under the Virtualization Manager (LabTech 2013). However, when run this, I receive an error that states "Output: Error Processing Command:Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password" but I have checked the local credentials under the Global Settings option of the Virtualization Manager and they are set to use the VM username and password on the correct location where this VM is located. Has anyone come across a fix for this? I have tried everything I know how to do with no luck.
  7. Usually when I have seen this, I do not have the correct settings for the anti-virus in the Dashboard under Dashboard > Config > Configurations > Virus Scan. So, I would say to double check to make sure everything is correct there and then perform an Update Config and Resend Everything on the agent.
  8. I have been trying to figure out how to create a monitor that would identify computers that are missing 10 or more patches. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a zip folder of an XML file that I received from another post that said they had used this to perform this task but I could not figure out how to import that monitor into LabTech. Missing Patches (Custom) Monitor.zip
  9. Thank you Philip. I did find that there was a NOSHADOW file and after removing that, I am now able to see the backup history from the LTBACKUP tab. Thanks again.
  10. I have a few agents that have Shadow Protect as their backup software. When I double click the agent and then click on the LTBackup tab, it says "LTBackup not detected". The Shadow Protect software is installed and functioning properly on this server and I cannot see why it does not detect it under the LTBackup tab. Has anyone come across this before?
  11. I am a little new to LabTech and I would like to get some recommendations on what are some good ways to ensure that laptops receive the needed Windows updates via LabTech since a lot of users will only have the laptop on during the day and off at night. I have a situation where a doctor would like to have his laptop patched during the lunch hour since that is when it is on and not in use. Having said that, what would be some ideal ways to setup patching in LabTech to accomplish this just for this doctor?
  12. I have come across some computers (windows 8 & 8.1) that have for example Avira installed as their AV. However, on the LabTech agent, it shows Windows Defender as the AV instead of Avira. Has anyone come across this before and if so, what would be the best solution to take to resolve this? Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. There are a few monitors that are failing that include for example the following: - Sensor - Analog Device ADT7475-FANIN0-Fan Speed - Sensor - Fintek F71882FG-FANIN0-Fan Speed - Sensor - Fintek F71882FG-FANIN1-Fan Speed I could list more but my question is if someone knows of a good resource to turn to in order to determine what the best values would be for theses monitors. Has anyone ever come across this?
  14. Perfect. Thanks again for your assistance. I will try these suggestions.
  15. Thanks for your replies. If I were to delete the monitor from the computer via the Monitors tab, does it delete the Monitor for all other agents in LabTech or just for that computer?
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