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  1. Via labtech any ideas how I can delete a particular cookie from firefox and Internet explorer on a lot of computers? If not an individual cookie how about clearing the cache/cookies from all of them? Thank you
  2. I am trying to script an install of an MSI file. A few questions. Which function is the best to use? Process Execute? Also, the msi has the option of an argument which will be unique to each location, so I want it the script to prompt me for it when I run. What would the best way to do that? msiexec.exe /I app.msi /quiet ACTIVATION= XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Thank you
  3. There is a registry key that I need to delete every once in a while. I would like to make a labtech script that does that. I am assuming that that should not be hard. But the issue is that I need to take ownership of it before I delete it. Is there a way to script taking ownership of a registry key? Thank you
  4. Is there anyway to make Labtech CJIS/ FIPS140-2 compliant?
  5. With Labtech 12, how can I disable windows from automatically updating and only update when I release them using labtech? Thank you
  6. I am having a strange issue. Everything was working perfect for me, but now on my computer . When I am logged in, it does not display the drop down list of stored passwords. Just says: " To send a password to the screen click it. To run a script on the machine double click. To run a command type the command and timeout and hit enter." Thats it. Thank you
  7. Nevermind, it worked. Rebooted the server and copy/pasting the dll worked Thank you.
  8. I followed the steps to unblock, but didnt help. Please see video here of me doing it and the error Thank you
  9. I have the same error and tried it on the server. Still getting the error. Thank you
  10. I have some labtech agents that are not communicating. When I go to the error log, it looks like they are trying to communicate over https. Currently I cant have that port open so I cant have it communicate on that port. But I have other agents that are checking in. How can I tell an agent to use port 80 versus ssl? Thanks
  11. I have labtech and the backup manager updated to the latest versions. However, it constantly needs to be resynced with the shadowprotect agents to get an updated status. It can be two week behind. Thank you
  12. I am running a sql script to see which computers are not up to date for their patches. the resolsts come back as fully patched. But in labtech itself, it showing that i have many that are missing patches. Any ideas? Thank you SELECT c.computerid as 'id' ,c.computerid ,c.name as 'Machine Name' ,clients.name as 'Client Name' ,vc.location_name as 'Location Name' ,IF((locate('server',lower(c.os)) = 0), 'Workstation', 'Server') AS 'Machine Type' ,DATE_ADD(cast(c.Assetdate as datetime), INTERVAL TIMESTAMPDIFF(HOUR,CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, UTC_TIMESTAMP) HOUR) AS 'Asset Date' ,CAST(FORMAT(ROUND(c.TotalMemory/512)/2,1) AS DECIMAL(10,1)) AS 'Total Memory' ,p.Name AS 'CPU' ,d.Letter AS 'Main Drive' ,d.Free as 'Main Drive Size Free' ,d.Size AS 'Main Drive Size Total' ,c.BiosVer AS 'Serial Number' ,ROUND(DATEDIFF(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,cast(c.Assetdate as datetime))/365, 2) AS 'Age in Years' ,cast(c.lastcontact as datetime) AS 'Last Checked In' ,c.LastUsername AS 'Last User' ,c.BiosName AS 'Model' ,c.os AS 'OS Version' ,c.BiosMFG AS 'Manufacturer' ,IF(c.lastcontact > (NOW() - INTERVAL 15 MINUTE), 1, 0) AS 'Online' ,CASE WHEN COALESCE(pm.patches_missing, 0) > 4 THEN '>5 Missing' WHEN COALESCE(pm.patches_missing, 0) > 2 THEN '3-4 Missing' WHEN COALESCE(pm.patches_missing, 0) > 0 THEN '1-2 Missing' ELSE 'Full' END AS 'Patch Status' ,cast(c.lastcontact as datetime) AS 'Last Contact' ,cast(vc.Uptime /60.00 as decimal(18,2)) AS Uptime_Minutes ,CAST(COALESCE(pm.patches_missing, 0) AS DECIMAL) AS '# of Patches Missing' ,CASE WHEN (c.virusap = 1 AND datediff(now(),c.virusdefs) < 14) THEN 'Up to Date' WHEN (datediff(now(),c.virusdefs) < 14) THEN 'Installed' WHEN (datediff(now(),c.virusdefs) >= 14) THEN 'Out of Date' ELSE 'Not Enabled' END AS 'AV Status' ,IF(c.virusap,'True','False') AS 'Protection Enabled' ,cast(c.virusdefs as datetime) AS 'AV Last Update Time' ,vs.name AS 'AV Version' ,CAST(c.warrantyend as DATETIME) AS 'warranty_end' #,(select left(MajorVersion,2) from labtech.config ) as LT_version FROM drives d INNER JOIN computers c ON d.computerid = c.computerid inner join v_computers vc on vc.computerid = c.computerid INNER JOIN clients ON c.clientid = clients.clientid LEFT JOIN virusscanners vs ON c.virusscanner = vs.vscanid LEFT JOIN v_processors p ON p.computerid = c.computerid LEFT JOIN v_extradatacomputers ex ON ex.computerid = c.computerid LEFT JOIN ( SELECT ComputerID, COUNT(*) AS patches_missing FROM v_hotfixes WHERE case when (select left(MajorVersion,2) from labtech.config) <= 10 then Approved = 1 when (select left(MajorVersion,2) from labtech.config ) >= 11 then Approved = 2 end AND Installed = 0 GROUP BY ComputerID ) pm ON c.computerid = pm.computerid WHERE d.size > 0 GROUP BY d.computerid
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