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  1. I don't think those work on a percentage, do they?
  2. HEllo, Did you ever get a good way to monitor RAM? Specifically, alert if free RAM goes below a certain threshold? Thanks, Duane
  3. Hey, the links to the download for this plugin seem to be dead. Is it available anymore? Is it still being maintained?
  4. I have the CPU monitor working ok using a remote monitor for CPU % usage, but I haven't found a way to do it for Memory. Memory doesn't seem to have a % Usage variable, so I am hoping to figure something out there.
  5. Hey guys, At a previous employer we had a plugin that would let us create AD accounts in our customers domains from one window. We would enter an ID and password in one pane and then select all of the customers in another and it would go out and create the account in the selected customers. We used it to create accounts for our engineers so they didn't have to use a generic account. I wasn't the admin and I don't remember the name of the plugin. Has anyone used this tool before? The AD plugin included with LabTech only imports users into contacts, it doesn't push accounts down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Duane Tackett
  6. Hello, I am trying to install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat (not DC, it interferes with existing software) using the script engine. It has to be done in two parts: 1) Install adobe Acrobat 10,0,10, which is a /exe file, and 2) install Acrobat 10.0.12, which is a .msp (Microsoft patch) file. I have tried to use the execute as well as the console shell commands with no luck. Any other ideas you may have? Thanks, Duane
  7. Team, I need a way to pass some custom LabTech variables to a vbscript. I have tried several different methods, none of which work. So far, I have tried: Using she Shell command in a script with the Command: telnetpoll.vbs @Network@ @Subnet@ @UserID@ @PAssWd@ but when LabTech scripting sends the command to the machine, it encapsulates it with quotes so it tries to execute the command as "telnetpoll.vbs @Network@ @Subnet@ @UserID@ @PAssWd@" and windows responds that it can't find a command named "telnetpoll.vbs @Network@ @Subnet@ @UserID@ @PAssWd@" I then tried to use the Shell Extended with my custom variables in the Delimeter field. It didn't seem to pass them that way either. So then I tried using the Execute Script with the VBScript type. I pasted my code in there and tried passing the variables as script parameters, no change. I then tried to put the variables in the script using the script editor, the variables were ignored there as well. Does anyone have any ideas how I can pass variables to a vbscript from LabTech? LTSupport said they couldn't really help me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Duane
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