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  1. It's really dumb that we can't just have a search for client ID in (<list>) for the advanced search. The legacy search does allow you to search this field though.
  2. Has anyone found a way to use Automate to enable .net 3 on windows 10? I know this command when run from an elevated command prompt will work: fondue.exe /enable-feature:netfx3 /hide-ux:all But that doesn't appear to work when run through Automate... At least not on Windows 10. Full Scenario: I have an install script to install a program that requires .net 3, msi file bombs if it's not installed. Script works on machines that have .net 3 installed already. I can remote into those machines and manually run the command to enable (these are non-domain machines mind you) but can't seem to get the command to work through a script, or even through the command prompt for a single machine. I have tried using the command in the script as a "Shell" line and as an "Execute Script - Powershell" line both with the same result of nothing.
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