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  1. Digging up a bit of an old thread but I just tried implementing this with minimal success. I do believe I got it all in correctly as a few systems do work and check the backlog properly. I have about 5 out of 60 working. Half have WMI access denied, I guess they need some other permission beyond domain admin? So thats not an issue with the script itself. The rest have an assortment of various json errors. Some dont recognize convert to json, others say Invalid JSON primitive. Anyone run into these issues during setup and were able to work around them?
  2. Has anyone written a script or query that would do the following: Check all open Labtech Tickets Grab the External ID from said tickets (CW Manage Ticket #) Using API - Check the status of said ticket numbers. If closed, set status back to open. If not, is this a feasible thing to look into? Basically, I'd love for a backup method to check for and reopen CW tickets that may have been closed but are still open in Labtech.
  3. Ah I see, I did the debug and found I was seeing the wrong point of failure. So yea works just fine, sorry about the trouble.
  4. Edited and updated original post. New Script export attached.
  5. Hi Guys, This script will check if the server is a mailbox server, then check the log drive letter, then create two monitors for the log drive. You can use the Exchange Mailbox Role search to find the MBX servers then run the script there. You can edit some of the variables in the script if you want to change thresholds, ticket category, etc. Edit 1: Monitor updated: Switched to a percentage monitor. Makes a 50% and 70% monitor, be sure to change the ticketcategory you'd like to use for each level. Added check for is a mailbox server by getting result and requiring a match to the %computername% you are running script on. Get-MailboxDatabase | Select-Object -Property Server | Get-Unique -AsString | ft -hidetableheaders Edit 2: Fixed the existing monitor check so it doesnt make duplicates if you run more than once. Create Exchange Log Drive Monitor.xml
  6. So I'm trying to run the PowerShell 5 deploy on "Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64" OS Version "6.1.7601 Service Pack 1" . The WMF page says SP1 is good. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/wmf/overview The script is checking for SP1 in step 4, but its not finding it and going to the fail label from step 5. The SQL Check is "SELECT version FROM computers WHERE computerid=%computerid%" Contains "Service Pack 1" Does this need to be %os% instead?
  7. Hi All, Wrote some monitors with help from a few folks at LabtechGeek Slack. Essentially using Powershell to do the following: Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus - Alert if any are not Mounted or Healthy. Test-ReplicationStatus - Alert if any status is not Passed. If the command fails, the 'missing' condition will still alert and your ticket will be the command failure message. Feel free to use, edit, modify! For my own use, I have custom groups setup for Mailbox and DAG servers where these monitors are applied. DAG and DB Remote Monitors(powershell).zip
  8. omijs. No I don't have a script resyncing but it seems to do it on its own fairly often. I was able to get an internal monitor checking for unsycned tickets and email me for 'fail' and 'success'. It's checking every hour and usually reports a success sync on the next 1 hour check after a failure. I should probably change it to not alert until unsynced tickets hits a higher threshold actually.
  9. Hmm ok thanks. I put some of those SQL queries in and it works fine. So that makes me wonder why a new server post patch 5 did not show up until I changed group to a copied and modified search... My primary concerns are that monitors are current, applied, and up to date... and all patch settings are current, applied, and up to date. Guess I'll just need to manually check some groups and settings until the official fix comes out.
  10. Mine seem to be broken even without opening and saving. I've only ever copied my default built in searches (saved to new search name) and yet they weren't working. Trying to see if support can get me a SQL query that will show which ones are broken. I tried on my own but couldn't get it. SELECT * FROM sensorchecks WHERE `sql` LIKE '%Computer.OS.Type%'; Took that query and tried to modify to find ones with Windows. SELECT * FROM sensorchecks WHERE `sql` LIKE '%windows%'; This one gives me the same results.. and im not sure if im getting false positives in here. Here's a sample search I have definitely not touched SELECT computers.computerid as `Computer Id`, computers.name as `Computer Name`, clients.name as `Client Name`, computers.domain as `Computer Domain`, computers.username as `Computer User`, IF(INSTR(inv_operatingsystem.Name, 'windows')>0, 1, IF(INSTR(inv_operatingsystem.Name, 'mac') >0, 2, 3)) as `Computer.OS.Type`, IF(INSTR(computers.os, 'server')>0, 1, 0) as `Computer.OS.IsServer`, CONCAT(IFNULL(inv_operatingsystem.majorversion, 0), '.', IFNULL(inv_operatingsystem.minorversion, 0)) as `Computer.OS.Version.MajorMinor`, inv_operatingsystem.name as `Computer.OS.Name` FROM Computers LEFT JOIN inv_operatingsystem ON (Computers.ComputerId=inv_operatingsystem.ComputerId) LEFT JOIN Clients ON (Computers.ClientId=Clients.ClientId) LEFT JOIN Locations ON (Computers.LocationId=Locations.LocationID) WHERE ((((IF(INSTR(inv_operatingsystem.Name, 'windows')>0, 1, IF(INSTR(inv_operatingsystem.Name, 'mac') >0, 2, 3)) = '1') AND (IF(INSTR(computers.os, 'server')>0, 1, 0)<>0) AND (CONCAT(IFNULL(inv_operatingsystem.majorversion, 0), '.', IFNULL(inv_operatingsystem.minorversion, 0)) = 5.2) AND (Instr(inv_operatingsystem.name,'Standard') > 0)))) This seems to be the line in question: IF(INSTR(inv_operatingsystem.Name, 'windows')>0, 1, IF(INSTR(inv_operatingsystem.Name, 'mac') >0, 2, 3)) as `Computer.OS.Type`, Given that this column is a SQL query itself, as a SQL Amateur I'm having a lot of trouble searching more narrowly.
  11. Patch 5 def has some serious issues that came up. I have a post on reddit about it, I discovered this last night when I realized changes I'd made to patching didn't take affect because all the auto-join searches behind them were broken. A lot more than that was affected if you check out the list of groups in my reddit post. In short, any of our searches that have Computer.OS.Type in them are broken.
  12. Yea, I learned that one pretty quick. I open every ticket via LiveChat first unless I don't care to wait a week for a response. This was escalated to the Patch SME, hence waiting for Monday now. We have more patching starting Wednesday next week so hopefully I can get an answer before then.
  13. Thanks for the clarification. We are actually on the 'new' patch system so it appears to still work this way. If I'm reading correct, your talking about the old patch system and schedule? Either way, it's something I'll keep in mind when I speak to support about this next week.
  14. LT11 Patch 5 - Did anyone's 4th Friday patch on 3rd Friday? I've opened a ticket but it's the weekend so I won't hear back yet, thought I'd see if anyone else had this issue. All my 4th Friday clients patched last night. Edit: but none of my 3rd Friday clients did.
  15. Awesome thanks! Got it working. Going to see if I can kick off that resync by script, might get a hint if I use SQL Spy against the manual function in the connectwise plugin where you can resync tickets.
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