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  1. anitchaudhary

    Network Device Configuration Backups

    @boast1570 I'm trying to take configuration backup of Cisco SG3XX. and I have modified the script to just keep the cisco part. The script works greats if the switch doesn't show the login banner but if it has a login banner it fails with authentication errors. I tried to send the username and password without any luck. Do you have any suggestion on how to pass the credentials if a login banner is configured?
  2. anitchaudhary

    Looking for Automate scripter

    You don't need a script. You can adjust your monitor to do that. Open the Lt-Offline monitor and add into the additional condition of the monitor to exclude the VM host and check if any computer is online in the entire site.
  3. anitchaudhary

    Disable LabTech 11 Computer Screen

    Yes, that has been fixed. Sorry i didn't checked. I have verified that it is working correctly in the legacy computer management screen.
  4. anitchaudhary

    Disable LabTech 11 Computer Screen

    The only problem using the legacy interface would be the patching tab, which would not show you the correct status for the patches because DB values are changed in Labtech 11 New patch manager. for example Labtech was using 1 for approved patches in version prior to Labtech 11 but now 1 is used for Deny. So if you have a computer management screen opened in legacy view all your approved patches will show as Deny.