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  1. @DarrenDK - can you provide any more details on what you might have?
  2. I'm having a problem where tickets in ConnectWise Manage are automatically getting 5 minutes of time added for tickets coming from Automate, specifically from an internal monitor to check for automatic services being stopped. The monitor is set to "Do Nothing" for the script to run, however the audit log on the ticket shows "Restarted service... successfully" when it is adding the time to the ticket. Any suggestions on where I should look in Automate to change this? I no longer want it to automatically add the time for this.
  3. Does anyone have a solution to notifying clients of what patches will be installed automatically? We have a client that is asking that we notify them in advance of any and all patches that are to be installed on their systems and we are looking for an automatic way of doing that to ensure we are in compliance of their needs.
  4. I am getting a little frustrated trying to get a script to work that should have been very simple. There is a single line command that we can enter in command prompt to enable WinRM on a computer. If we run it in command prompt locally on the computer it works great. If we run it via command prompt in Automate it works great. If we run it as a line in a script it fails. I have tried both Shell and Shell as Admin. I have had this issue with other scripts too and usually if it fails on one, then it works on the other. Can anyone answer why this is happening? I would image that Shell would work the exact same way as using the Command Prompt built into Automate.
  5. @Michael Priest Thanks for updating. Any huge reason you recommend us upgrading Recover Keys from version 9 to v11?
  6. Jacobsa Do you know if Malwarebytes removed the missing services or if the Sophos install failed to install those services with Malwarebytes running? We currently have Malwarebytes running on many end clients and as we are migrating them over to Sophos I would love to avoid any issues like this.
  7. Ok, I was able to fix it by doing the following steps: Open plugin manager and disable the ConnectWise Control plugins. Restart the DBagent Close Control Center Open Control Center Open plugin manager and enable the ConnectWse Control plugins. Restart the DBagent Close Control Center Reopen Control Center
  8. Interesting. I'm on a newer version of the plugin and those options aren't there on mine. I'll reach out to support direct and see what's going on.
  9. The solution center shows everything is current and I also reloaded the solution center to make sure. The icon does show from the computer management window, but not from the right click context menu.
  10. We just upgraded to Automate 12 and there are a lot of things we like about it, however we no longer have the ability to right click on a computer in the main control center dashboard and then connect using ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect). Does anyone know if there is a way to get that feature back or if it was just removed in Automate 12?
  11. Were either of you able to create a script that works to deploy Sophos? I'm hoping that I won't have to create one from scratch if anyone can share. Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm receiving notices that Recover Keys 10.0 is now available. Any idea if this version is compatible with the plugin? I don't want to update if it is going to break my plugin.
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