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  1. wiredup2

    Last online Report

    Hi All has anybody been able to get/set a report of when a machine was last online. Regards
  2. wiredup2

    New Software Installed Report

    Thank you kind Sir.
  3. wiredup2

    New Software Installed Report

    Hi All, Has anybody been able to create a scheduled report for new software being installed on computers. Regards
  4. wiredup2

    Patch Report

    Hi all, looking for a report that only shows machines that are in the red, has anybody created one in the new report manager
  5. Hi There, Has anybody come across a monitor for offline servers, looking for something I can use on a big screen to Alert if a server goes offline. thanks
  6. wiredup2

    Unattended Access via Labtech

    Need some advise on options for unattended access, I have clients that use Kaspersky encryption, which on a reboot requires a password on the boot screen, is there a way to get unattended access to the boot screen. Tested Vpro that still does require end user interaction, not sure if there is anything else out there. this will help when we remotely troubleshooting computers after hours and need to reboot.
  7. wiredup2

    Intel vPro KVM

    Has anybody managed to get rid of the KVM requesting a 5 digit code when using vPro to remote onto a pc, its the auto generated code that gets created when you try to KVM on, trying to make it so that we can logon without having a user present to read out the code. thanks
  8. wiredup2

    Disable Outlook Add-ins from Labtech

    2010 and 2013 will have a look at this for 2013 thanks
  9. Hi there, is there a script out there that i could use to disable all third party add-ins in outlook using labtech. thanks