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  1. We have an open ticket with support for this exact issue and currently have 312 of our 915 total agents showing offline. Some of these are obviously legitimate but it's safe to say a majority are this error. A reinstall has show to temporarily fix this issue (tray icon comes up, connection is made, heartbeat okay) but later that day or the next day the machine will stop checking in and start throwing those errors. Other errors in the log we have gathered: LTService v190.78 - 4/11/2019 1:30:26 PM - Failed Signup, Will wait over 30 minutes to try again.::: LTService v190.78 - 4/11/2019 10:11:39 PM - WebRqst: https:/ourfqdn.com/LabTech/agent.aspx?0c1&9 : SecureChannelFailure : The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. : ::: Other than updating to 2019.3 release, nothing else has changed in our environment. No rhyme or reason can be found as to affected agents. Sometimes its the whole client, other times its a few agents, some clients are connecting without issue. Suspecting something to do with the update announced last month. We are on 2019.3 release and almost every agent is currently on 190.78 version but still having issues. Will update this with more info as our ticket gets worked on/resolved. It's been "escalted" for a few days and AFAIK no progress has been made on it yet.