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  1. How long will the donation button stay on the forum for? I do not currently have funds to donate but should soon. I have benefited from this community quite a bit.
  2. Am I missing it or is there nothing in the Patch Release notes for Patch 9 that indicate they fixed the timeout issue in the Thick Client?
  3. I would but I don't think there's an easy way to do that for you Have you went in and checked that the Standard Criteria is only for non server OS's and of course the opposite for the server standards (only Server OS's) or is that not having any effect on the scores?
  4. Honestly...good luck and check out the documentation
  5. That's interesting, my overall scores for workstations and servers are different so I find that hard to believe. I did have to do quite a bit of configuring for it though because we got bright gauge a few months ago and we show the overall server health on it and the overall workstation health...needless to say the default standards were not up to date standards at ALL. Though I suppose it could be broken but it is working for what I need it for
  6. I might suggest your techs use the web interface if they don't need to create scripts etc...it is much faster from my experience and my techs actually prefer it now over the thick client. I agree that the interface is slow and annoying for the thick client but unfortunately until they actually make the Control Center 64-bit instead of 32-bit and continue adding stuff the speed probably won't get better...
  7. What they don't seem to mention is whether or not they are going to charge more for the Network Map...also don't you have to pay more for the Mobile App license?
  8. The continual refresh is a known issue related to their adoption of the RestAPI since Patch 6. Supposedly Patch 9 will have a fix for this.
  9. I am trying to figure out how to use the additional conditions in the Internal monitors to add exceptions (such as excluding specific clients or excluding specific computers and a certain drive on that computer). If you aren't sure what I am talking about I attached a screenshot.
  10. I have tried to use the Virtualization manager that comes with Automate and I dislike it quite a bit. I am eventually planning on paying $20 and getting this plugin. https://www.plugins4automate.com/products/vmware-esx-health-monitor-license
  11. I've still not heard anything from CW Support and there is still no one assigned to the ticket...it's been 3 days...
  12. I am not sure if it actually started with Patch 6 or if it's just been this way for awhile. It is hard telling because i get complaints about the system (some really silly and small) on a fairly regular basis. A lot of our techs (even myself) have started using the Web version to get by especially off-site just because it moves so much faster!
  13. So, we seem to have weird performance issues in our On-Premise Automate system with load times and sometimes the Automate Client itself just stops loading anything and leaves our techs with the never ending spinning green circle (this happens most noticeably when our techs are in house and even using the local IP of the Automate server to connect which seems odd). We have about 800 agents and we do have some scripts that run fairly regularly and our system is running on a Xeon CPU E31220 using 4 Cores, 24GB of RAM and two SSD's running in RAID 1 The system as of right now has only been up for about 30 days and is utilizing 11.6GB of RAM out of the 24GB. I have worked with CW Support on some of this stuff in the past but I thought I'd reach out and see if others with on-prem have the same issues or if there is something we could be doing to make our system run better? I've attached a Crystal Disk Mark test result to see if this is not good enough disk speed because I know that was one of the things an Automate support rep informed me of before because our speeds were even worse off prior to switching to SSD's. Thanks in advance!
  14. We have a customer with a QNAP NAS device that we would like to be able to monitor with Automate but I was almost able to get the agent installed but I think I am running into an issue where the QNAP doesn't actually have a root user. Has anyone had experience with this?
  15. Well, the method for completing my end goal with this script has changed because I've just gotten frustrated with it and have tried to come at it with different angles. The way I was doing it was the LabTech script would tell the computer to download a ps1 file from the server and then run a powershell command (as admin) and it would not succeed but if I took that same script that was downloaded and ran it locally as admin it worked fine. I tried taking that same code and putting it in LabTech for it to execute against the machine but I can't determine the issue properly there because all I get back in logs is "OK". Here is the script that I am executing to configure the scheduled tasks. ipmo ScheduledTasks $action = New-ScheduledTaskAction -Execute 'C:\Windows\Temp\ICS\postcreators.cmd' $trigger = New-ScheduledTaskTrigger -AtLogOn Register-ScheduledTask -Action $action -Trigger $trigger -TaskName "KillUpdateWindow" -Description "Stops the Windows Upgrade assistant after an upgrade that isn't most recent" ipmo ScheduledTasks $action = New-ScheduledTaskAction -Execute 'cmd.exe' -Argument 'del /f/q/s C:\Windows\Temp\ICS\' $trigger = New-ScheduledTaskTrigger -AtLogOn Register-ScheduledTask -Action $action -Trigger $trigger -TaskName "CleanupAfterUpgrade" -Description "Stops the Windows Upgrade assistant after an upgrade that isn't most recent"
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