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  1. I was wondering that myself ... are you sure you've posted in the correct post Jonathan? The above information and links should provide you with quite a lot of information.
  2. That is awesome @Matthew Mclaughlin thanks for the heads up. I've just read through the blog and it all makes sense. Now to find time to have a bash at it! thanks again.
  3. Thanks @KKerezman for the extra info on EDFs. I've implemented my own take on this and it appears to be pulling the info into the new EDF fine. Now I just need to sort the ISO mount and install .. liking your idea to use sharepoint too (hey, if it works don't fix it!) @JayHainesNZ I will attach some info on the EDF and script, it may help you.. Query Win 10 version to populate EDF.xml This ends up showing me the windows build version under EDF->Patching, like so; Disclaimer: I am not a LabTech/Automate guru ... so don't complain that my scripts or methods are messy
  4. KKerezman, thank you for your input. We migrated from Kaseya too, a couple of years back. Been using Automate since it was LabTech 9.x I think.. I had considered a similar deployment scenario too. We currently upgrade machines in our workshop via a NAS share with the following, which does a good job; Setup.exe /auto upgrade /quiet /migratedrivers all /dynamicupdate disable /showoobe none /Compat IgnoreWarning I like the idea of a custom EDF to track and target by. I will look at that, thanks. Anyone know if the move to a cumulative update for 1909 changes anything with regards to Automate Patch Manager?
  5. Hello all, We have a cloud hosted Automate server and we've found it really isn't straight forward to deploy the latest 1903 feature update to client PCs. I'd really like to hear from those of you that also use a cloud hosted Automate server - how do you all deal with these feature updates .. build 1903 for example. Incidentally I also read yesterday that Microsoft are soon releasing the 1909 update which will actually be a Cumulative Update instead of a Feature Update. I'm thinking (hoping) this may resolve the problem? I am also aware there is a solution centre update available to help with these feature updates, but it appears it's only aimed at on-prem solutions. I have had a bash at modifying (read:bodging) it to work with our cloud hosted setup, but alas with little success. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  6. No problems with 1903 here, I've updated a bunch of our internal systems with no issues.
  7. Your script and EDF work brilliantly, many thanks for that Brenden, it's exactly what I was looking for.
  8. Thanks for your replies guys. I'll dig into it a bit more and see what I can get working. We are indeed using Ignite and I suspect you may be correct Jacob in that changes may be reverted back when it's updated next. I will test and post something back here once I have a resolution, thanks again.
  9. Hi all, I recently enabled ticket/company sync from Automate to Manage (I'm still thinking of it as LabTech to ConnectWise hehe) Now I am faced with the task of trimming down the massive amount of tickets created in LT. We're getting a lot of tickets raised for TCP/UDP port monitoring. The trouble is that I don't wish to know about port monitors for Workstations, only Servers. The monitor is keyed to use the default auto-join search groups for ports. The problem is that I cannot modify these groups to say "only if OS is server" for example. The search group is "locked" and won't allow me to modify it. Can anyone tell me how I might easily adjust this to not monitor workstations? I just can't figure it out. thanks!
  10. I am assuming you mean reboots for patching and other maintenance? My requirements are perhaps not as restrictive as yours by the sound of it, but what I do is simply have some standards/templates defined (as few as possible) using patch policies and ignite settings, and I stick to it religiously. All our managed endpoints (95% of them lets say) are fitted into 3 different maintenance/patch settings this way. I generally create 3 x LT Locations (minimum) for each LT Client. These three are usually named Servers, Workstations and Laptops. Then I apply custom Ignite settings to each of these LT Locations. This sets the ignite group membership and I target patch policies/reboot policies at the ignite groups. This way I can patch laptops "anytime" with no forced reboot initially (then with time-restricted reboot messages/forced reboots later), Workstations on Thursday night with forced reboots, and Servers on a Sunday afternoon with forced reboots. Once I've setup a new client's location like this I rarely ever need to change anything in it again. I also schedule pop-up reminders (only for workstations patch Thursday) for clients users to make sure they leave their machines are powered on and that they power on other machines that may be turned off too. Clients like this visibility in my experience. Sometimes I do need to create a custom location for different requirements/uptime/patch reboot behaviour etc, but rarely. Like a "no patch" location etc. Once the locations are setup, then I simply move new endpoints into the correct location and they inherit the correct policies. This works well for us largely because most of our client's businesses are closed on Thursday nights and Sundays! I'm not sure if this is of any help to you whatsoever though...
  11. Thanks Cubert! I was looking for something like this and it works perfectly on our Automate12 cloud hosted server
  12. Many thanks to LTNinja for your work on this. (And to DarrenWhite for the monitor) I found the script failed to run on SBS2011 machines. I simply added an extra GOTO command in line 6 to send the script to the Server 2008 R2 section. Tested ok on SBS 2011 (not sure how this will affect SBS2008?) Edit: I'm a bit of a LT noob so couldn't see how to get the DataView working .. tips appreciated!
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