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  1. Today was the first day I was actually able to import it and start picking through how it works and testing the various bits. I wanted to ask first about the R&Rs since to test the scenario I mentioned, I'd need to shut down a PC for a few days and if that was already a known quantity that would speed things up a bit in that part of testing things. As for the security I just noted the previous person who had asked about it hadn't gotten a response, so I was considering what ways there were to raise the bar, if any, without actually breaking the GPO or switching to another method enti
  2. Been looking at this and testing a few things - I really like the self-healing part of it, but since it is a startup script, I'm concerned it could kick off before the Automate Agent service has a chance to check in. If that happens and the machine has been shut down overnight or for a couple days, will that still trigger the uninstall-reinstall? Looking through the PS it pulls, as of right now it looks like it sees the agent as offline if it's over 10 minutes since last check-in, and my concern is if that could lead to excessive reinstalls from machines being turned off overnight or for sev
  3. Yup, was able to update. Thanks for that! However now I am getting the blank screen on login. If I click away from Passwords and click back, it reports "Token Error: Token Issue". If I check "Enable Debugging" on login it instead gives me a white window that just says "undefined". If I leave off the MFA it does prompt for MFA so it is definitely communicating properly. I verified DownloadURL to be correct in Automate's config table. I'm not seeing a C:\Windows\Temp\ logfile, or one in %Temp%. Any suggestions on troubleshooting?
  4. On the front page you have a note saying that the Control plugin needs to be 1.0.32+ to work with the latest Control updates, but Control's extension update check keeps saying 1.0.31 is the latest and up-to-date. Do you know when we might expect to see 1.0.32 available?
  5. I'm in the middle of updating my lab server to try this plugin out, but my first thought on how to deal with this issue is to use a variant of a different solution above. Given the date/time fields are always the same length, it should be possible to concatinate off the timestamp - though I need to look back over things to see what the downside of that may be still. Might need to append the machine name too to maintain uniqueness between machines?
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