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  1. Hi abunyan07, I was wondering if you ever got this report working and if you would mind sharing it. I am looking to generate the same report and it would save me a ton of time to see where you landed with this, thanks!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Craig. I tested this out and when you add /domain it shows the last time the user logged into the domain. I am trying to figure out the last time a specific user logged into a computer that is joined to the domain. Unfortunately net user [username] / domain doesn't provide me that level of detail. Here's the use case I am trying to work on: We see workstation123 as an active computer at client123. We contact the client but they don't recognize the computer name and don't want to pay for support until we can prove to them the computer belongs to them. We tell them that user123 was the last user on that computer and that the computer was online yesterday. However, when they talk to user123 that user says they only logged into their work computer yesterday. It would be helpful to tell the client the last time user123 logged into workstation123. This way they can talk to user123 and say, on this specific date you used this computer...where is that computer? Make sense?
  3. Craig, thanks for the reply. You are right, "net user" shows last login...very cool. Do you know how I would be able to run that against domain user accounts? When I run net user it just allows me to run it against the local user accounts, do we need to run it again the DC?
  4. So with LT I can see the last time the comptuer checked in and the last logged in user. As a result I can share with the client, for example, that Mary was the last user to use the computer and it was online yesterday. However, that doesn't mean that Mary used it yesterday. She could have used it 3 months ago and no one has touched it since. Anyone know of a way to find out the last time the "last login" user actually logged in? I have no idea how to do this or if it's even possible. Thoughts? Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the response, I appreciate the help!
  6. Sorry in advance as this may be a newbie question but why should I configure my contacts to sync between LT and CW? What's the real world advantage of having them synced? Not to sidetrack this post but I ask for two reasons: 1. It doesn't appear to be working well, we have some users who have as many as 4 duplicate contacts in LT. We manage over 4000 users but there are over 10,000 contacts in LT 2. We are now deploying UserCentric with CW that keeps our contacts synced between our client's AD server and our CW (very cool but still a bit buggy). The issue I am having is that whenever LT updates a contact it produces a false positive in my daily UserCentric report, this will be a huge problem for us once we deploy UserCentric to all our clients.
  7. I hope it works for you jh01, it worked for us or at least I think it did as I never found the button missing again.
  8. So you applied the patch and now the remote button leaves every night? Did you follow these instructions below?
  9. If we can find a way to automate it and pull it off I will update this thread and share the code. If someone else has already done it please consider sharing with the community.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. I think we can all agree that it would be better to allow the client to reset their own password without having to make this a manual process where they have to submit a ticket or call our helpdesk, right?
  11. Now that we have moved a bunch of our users to ScreenConnect using the LT Web portal I realize there doesn't appear to be a way for the client to reset their own password. I did a lot of modifications to the portal so I wanted to ask...is that feature on the stock portal or do we need to manually change/reset passwords for our clients?
  12. I had the same issue and chat helped me out, here's what they told me to do and it fixed my issue: "1. In IIS click on the Application Pools and select LabTech and then on the right click Recycling (you will repeat this for LabTec h WebCC as well). 2.Now just change the time to 60 and apply the changes. This will restart the worker process every 60 minutes and should minimize the downtime instead of issuing an IIS Reset. The button for VNC might still appear, but this will at least minimize the appearance and keep it as remote access." Not a fix but a workaround that should help prevent this until they fix it. Credit goes to David Allen...he's always been very helpful.
  13. I have Labtech 10.5 and SC plugin 2.2 but the WCC still shows "Remote Into PC" and tries to use VNC. Is there something I need to do to enable SC in the WCC? Just figured out you have to have WCC Support Session Elements enabled. Which creates a non functioning support session box on the home page. BTW once a user sets their password in the WCC it just sets there on the change password page. This has to be confusing to the end user. Wouldn't it be better to redirect them to the login page? I agree, I posted code that redirects a user to login page, see this thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1452&p=14688&hilit=remote+access+screen+connect+button+portal#p14688
  14. Ok, here's the code we added that redirects a user to the login page after they create their password: @Section Script (function ($) { $(".button").button(); var summary = $('.validation-summary-errors').text(); if (summary == "Password set successfuly."){ alert("Password created, we will now take you to the login page so you can login for he first time."); window.location.href = "https://[[insert your URL here]]/WCC2/Home/Login"; } }(jQuery)); End Section
  15. I figured. We are going to re-code it as this default behavior is not ideal. Happy to share our revised code if anyone is interested. BTW, can you post a link to the other thread?
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