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  1. Hello schester. I ended up using https://www.thinkautomation.com/ and get PRTG to send emails to a mailbox and then have ThinkAutomation use the CWM API to check for tickets and update them or look new ones. Kind regards, Alex
  2. Hi all, this doesn't seem to work for my three machines. I don't even have the "Certificate" tab. The screenshot is from one of the 2012 Servers where I have the issue, but all three (1x 2008R2, 2x 2012) don't have the cert tab.
  3. We are having the same issue on 2x 2012 Server and 1x SBS2011. All of them have .net 3.5 enabled. CWA support has tried to repair the agent and took logs a few times. They also tried to repair .Net, but so far no change. The last recommendation was to uninstall all .net and start from scratch. I haven't had the motivation yet to do that, as I expect it will break the SBS and the Apps on both of the 2012 Servers.
  4. Hello Rafe, As far as I am aware, it was not updated to CWA. We changed to ThinkAutomation to manage emails. (thinkautomation.com). We use it with the CWM api. Cheers, Alex
  5. Yes, I had a look at that and even contacted the dev. my main issue is that with the plugin you will get a ticket as soon as the sensor goes down and not only after 5 minutes or so. Kind regards, Alex
  6. Hi all, We are currently on Labtech 10.5 and use Email Sink to analyse the PRTG emails and log tickets for it. As Email Sink doesn't work ConnectWise Automate 11, I'm looking for a new way of doing this. Current process: * PRTG sends a (special formated) text email to a mailbox * Email Sink picks up the email and runs a Labtech Script over it * Labtech checks if there is already a ticket and updates it or logs a new one. Any Ideas are welcome. Kind regards, Alex
  7. Hello, Did anyone try the addin on Labtech 11 yet? Kind regards, Alex
  8. Hello, I'm trying to set up the Mail Sink to filter PRTG emails. I can see that Mail Sink found the email (it in the LTAPlugins.txt), but the script I defined in the rule is never run. Running the script on its own works. The main aim is to run the script when an email comes from PRTG to check if there is already a ticket from that device, if not then create a new ticket otherwise add it to the ticket. A screenshot from the rule: Kind regards, Alex
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