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  1. @bigdessert: Awesome!!! Works like a charm!!! Thank You very much!
  2. @bigdessert Sorry for the delayed response! It would be helbfull, if it could be set server wide. Maybe it ist possible, to 'simply' add a checkbox in the settings panel to send a CR after transfering the password.
  3. Hi there, we love this tool, because it saves time and reduces flip-flopping between apps to transfer login credentials. Off-course we donate on a monthly basis and I'd like to motivate anybody else to do as well. I rather spend money for these little tools, than pumping tons of money to MS & Co. for this ridiculous cloud- and pricing-trends! I have a little feature-request: because of the unhide password button on newer OSs, it would be very nice, if you can add an option to directly send an Enter key / Carriage Return (CR) after transferring the password. Otherwise one can use the unhide button to read out passwords. Thanks in advance Daniel
  4. Hi there, first of all: thanks for this great tool! Everything works fine for us, but we see a kind of "Matrix"-Window inside the panel: (see below). Does anybody know, how to disable this? Thanks in advance Daniel
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