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  1. @Mike_judd Thanks - That did the trick. Goran
  2. Hi All, Having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around this. I have added an EDF to the Client level called "Deploy Citrix Receiver" this is to be used to automatically install the receiver for the clients that use out hosted XA Services. The search for all computers for those clients is easy. Here is the part I cannot get. I want to only find the computers that do NOT have Citrix Receiver installed. If I add an "AND Computer.Applications.Name Does not contain Citrix Receiver" I get 1 row for every application installed. Is there a way for the search to return only 1 row per computer? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks Goran
  3. Hi, We are deploying a bunch of new HP computers and they come with a wack load of pre-installed programs. Before I go to the trouble of figuring out how to removed them via LT I was wondering if there is a repository of scripts that remove different programs? If there is could someone point me that way? Thanks Goran
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