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  1. All, I worked out a script for randomisation of our windows update categories in extra data fields. However I cannot get the last heading to work, they split nicely between "mon-wed" and "thu-fri" however they never assign anything to the Sat-Sun group and all the syntax and spelling seems correct. I have attached the XML and a screengrab from the console, not quite sure where I went wrong so any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I am sure it's a relatively rookie mistake as I don't do this often. Assign WindowsUpdatePolicy at Random.xml
  2. This is a breakout from our patch manager which is the latest one we have approved that I know includes a WUC update. Microsoft 4041681 2017-10 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Server 2008 R2 for x64-based Systems (KB4041681) Security Updates Critical
  3. Windows update client upgrades are now held in the monthly updates. assuming you have the latest monthly installed they all should have the same version level.
  4. Nice work, I could actually of used this today but I just manually added Or switches. Thanks
  5. Primary display was at 125%, Secondary was 100%. I am wondering if because the app launches onto the primary monitor which is 125% even moving it to the next screen holds onto the other settings.
  6. So, worked it out..... We all use dual screens and if you set 1 monitor to 125% dpi and leave the other as 100% it treats both screens as 125% as far as Labtech is concerned despite the options showing otherwise on 'Extended Desktop' Setting both to 100% fixes it, bloody windows 10 lol.
  7. Scaling options are set at 100% sadly, I did give that a try.
  8. Hi, Kind of a weird one and Labtech support hasn't been able to help so far. All of our agents who updated to Windows 10 and the latest labtech client are missing sections of the 'tabbed' windows. For example with the 'Powershell' tab you can see the blue window but the text box and the white underneath it are missing. It's like the windows within the tabs are Zoomed in. With the 'Scripts' tab some options are squashed and almost hidden behind the text boxes. I attached a SS of the powershell screen.
  9. Is it a windows 10 machine? Every time you do a CU/Feature update it wipes the list of installed patches in the list.
  10. Darren, Thanks for this good work although a quick question if i may. We have quite a number of machines on our systems and I was wondering which string in the SQL I need to change to insert it as a monitor in a customer group as I couldn't find an 'all agents' referenced in it. I am pretty new to the labtech stuff so apologies if the answer is glaringly obvious. EDIT For those that need to know I checked the SQL file and matched up the group ID (5) and swapped it for my new group ID.
  11. Thanks for the reply Rami, I am looking at that now. Would you mind if I bugged you later if I get any issues?
  12. So I found a helpful script on here to change the homepage from MSN.com and I changed it to google.com and that worked great. The reasoning behind this is msn.com has scrolling graphics etc and when you are on a poor line and remote into a users machine it can simply lock up trying to render the page as it constantly changes until you can get a new url in. However, I then had a moment of realisation we have RDS servers with their own homepage and some users may have already changed their homepage to exactly what they wanted. In that case I want to script something that only changes the homepage if it is msn.com, I am a beginner at this but logic says it should go something like this. 1) If homepage = http://msn.com'>http://msn.com then Proceed to step 2, if not http://msn.com then End. 2) change homepage to google.co.uk I have the change homepage part down and prepared, its the preceding steps I am not sure how to tackle. I am willing to learn, not necessarily looking for someone to do it for me but some pointers would be good.
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