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  1. While attempting to run the Executable I ran into the attached error for CW Control Version 6.9.21870.6964. And I have confirmed the password is correct. Current Workaround: (Goal Update Janus.dll) Copy Janus.dll (modify date 2/4/2019) to Labtech Server Web Frontend (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\LabTech\Service) Then within ScreenConnect run the following commands on all impacted systems: taskkill /im ltsvcmon.exe /f & taskkill /im ltsvc.exe /f & taskkill /im lttray.exe /f move c:\Windows\LTSvc\Janus.dll c:\Windows\LTSvc\Janus.dll.old powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -command "iwr -outf c:\Windows\LTSvc\Janus.dll <FQDN>/labtech/service/Janus.dll" sc start ltsvcmon & sc start ltservice First time Poster... Thank you for all that you do with helping us and making this site my first visit when I am looking for a solution. Cheers!