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  1. Sweet! So excited for whats to come. If you need a Beta...Beta Tester I'm here!
  2. It's working now. And tickets are being generated! A couple of requests: 1. The ability to have the plugin auto-resolve tickets if the link recovers 2. Set a delay on ticket creation. We do not start working on an ISP down ticket until it's been down for 15 minutes. That's how we currently have PRTG setup.
  3. Hey Bill - not sure if you got my PM but after the update I don't see any probes, groups or options to map. If you need some logs let me know.
  4. No problem bud. If time permits I will be making some improvements to it over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!
  5. I've had success upgrading HP 280's and 3500's. Attached is the script I created. Windows 10 Upgrade - LabTechGeek.7z
  6. Hey Man - mine isn't the prettiest either but it gets the job done. I updated it to include a sanity check for the mapped drive portion. Check the OP for the script. If you need any clarification, just give me a shout. Take it easy!
  7. Howdy, We were faced with a barage of customers requesting the Windows 10 Upgrade before the deadline. So after a couple of late nights and yelling at my computer.... I came up with this nifty little script. I have the pre-reqs listed in the script notes. Enjoy! Windows 10 Upgrade - LabTechGeek.7z
  8. How does the plugin Notify? Do we need to close Control Center and re-open or will it pop-up a notification when opening the dashboard?
  9. Hey Buddy, Checking in to see if the update got pushed back? Thanks, Collin
  10. You explained it much better than I did haha. That is definitely what I'm looking for. The ability to pause, check and add sensors would be pretty sweet as well. But I think for a v1 implementation the many-to-one mapping would be awesome.
  11. With how the plugin is currently structured doing it based on group would be far more beneficial IMO. As it stands, we are presented with a list of clients and given the option to only select one object to associate with the client. If the structure will be kept this way, then doing it based on Group would allow multiple devices (objects) to be associated with a client because you could throw any collection of devices (objects) into a group. If it is done per device, then you will only be able to associate one object with one client. If the structure changes and you are presented with a list of devices (rather than clients/locations) and you could associate a location to multiple devices. Then based on device would probably work out better. Let me know if I'm craz.
  12. Odd - did you enter this same user into the settings for the plugin as you are using for the web interface? Also, can you provide screenshots of the prtg console and prtg plugin?
  13. Click Umnapped and select the Probe that corresponds with the client location.
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